All Maria Sharapova’s 2014 Nike clothes in pictures

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Maria Sharapova is usually the first person I cover in my yearly overviews of women’s tennis apparel, but this year I launched the Fashion Retrospections with Eugenie Bouchard, the young star belonging to Masha’s Nike clan, and then after covering Ana Ivanovic with Adidas Adizero, Agnieszka Radwanska with Lotto, Venus Williams with EleVen, and Jelena Jankovic with Fila, the time has finally come for me to feature the unprecedented tennis fashion queen.

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The Russian has continued to walk the path of less glamorous on-court style that caters an average customer, offering clothes wearable at everyday practice.

Sharapova's Australian Open 2014 dress

Racerbacks with cutouts are a big trend in present-day tennis fashion and brands are competing who will make a more unique back design. Venus Williams’ EleVen Women’s Vintage Closed Grip Print Dress and Ana Ivanovic’s Adidas Fall Adizero Dress are good examples that crossed my mind first, but Masha’s pink Brisbane tank and cute soft blue Australian Open tunic dress are also very pretty keyhole cutouts.

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In Indian Wells and Miami Maria sported high-waisted printed skirts with glacier ice and bright citron tanks which also feature performations and keyhole cutouts on the back.

Sharapova - Stuttgart, Madrid, Rome outfit

This lilac top with draped mesh back for stylish ventilation (Nike Summer Premier Maria Tank) accompanied Sharapova en route to two titles – in Stuttgart and Madrid.

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Sharapova’s fifth Grand Slam trophy was photographed with this pink and orange Nike Summer Maria Premier French Tunic, while her shoes for sliding towards the title were the Nike Zoom Vapor 9.5 Tours.

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Following the classic Wimbledon whites, Masha hopped into Nike’s fall collection. The dark raisin skort (also available in black, fuchsia and deep royal) has side pockets and its elastic waistband is perforated, while the tank features stylish straps.


I’m always looking forward to seeing Maria’s US Open dresses and I love the idea of having day and night dresses.


The tennis version of the little black dress is my favorite Sharapova’s 2014 clothing item. It’s perfection, especially under the lights of the grand US Open courts. Do you agree?


The fashionista’s US Open day outfit was this grey and mango futuristic-looking tunic length top and shortie officially called the Nike Fall Maria Day Tunic, while the matching shoes were the Nike Air Vapor Advantage.

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Sharapova grabbed the Beijing title and $935,000 that go with it in this simple white Nike Winter Premier Maria Tank and the accompanying skirt with contrast waistband.

Which Sharapova’s 2014 outfit was your favorite?


  1. Liz, so you agree with me that the black dress is the best item of 2014. As I have mentioned many times here, these past few years are far from the most memorable designs Maria has had. The only item that resembles Maria’s most glamorous looks of the past is the 2014 US Open night dress.

  2. It’s just Nike going mass market I think. I also hate the dark sweaty patches that show up on all the outfits. The fabric they are using is a problem.

  3. I guess this will be the first time I’m very critical about the clothes of MaSha…
    I didn’t like the high waist skirts nor the tunics. I didn’t like dull peachy color of the RG dress/tunic (very flat).
    I absolutely liked the USO night dress, but I didn’t like the coloring of the grey dress… Too dark. The white grey suits her better imo.

  4. Sabey, Liz, so we’re all rooting for Nike to get back to their glam looks 🙂 I’ve already prepared the Serena retrospective, it’s just waiting to be published, while I may skip Vika this year, I’ll see… I figure I’ve covered Nike enough. Maybe I’ll change my mind.

  5. Yes, Marija, the black USO dress is definitely the best!
    They’ve gone very mass market, but this year’s designs were all dull… But I guess we’ll be seing that when the Vika / Serena retrospective. Genie has been done, so nothing more to say about that though 😉

  6. they are all good but they just don’t scream sharapova to me. My fav one is miami outfit cuz it’s different and serena approves too 😉

  7. Sru, the Miami outfit is a very nice one, but it can’t even come close to Sharapova’s most memorable outfits, IMO.

  8. I really don’t get the whole Maria is Queen of tennis fashion thing. She always such boring and uninspired outfits. This year has been especially boring *yawns*

  9. S Greene, who do you consider the tennis fashion queen, if anyone? Maria is the most fashionable WTA player and besides Serena Williams the only one with her own different outfits for day and night matches at the US Open, which is telling. Plus, those outfits have usually been super glamorous. In the recent years, I agree, her dresses have been quite boring, but she’s still living on that old legacy and we’re waiting for the moment when she’ll return to glam.


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