Serena Williams gives her curves a marathon workout for charity in Miami


Serena marathon in Miami Serena Williams during the Ultimate Run in Miami 2

Serena Williams has joined her bestie Caroline Wozniacki in marathon endeavors, running a track in Miami to support the Serena Williams Fund which benefits education and victims of violent crimes. The inaugural Ultimate Run, which took place on Sunday, December 14th, included a quarter marathon and a 5K run-walk and everyone was invited, from celebrities, elite runners and fitness fanatics, to stroller moms, the young and the young at heart.

Serena Williams during the Ultimate Run in Miami
Serena tying her Nike Pegasus 31 shoes

Serena reached the finish line of her quarter marathon in one hour and 14 minutes, wearing an all-black outfit consisting of tiny Nike shorts, zipper top and classic headband. Now we have a bunch of new epic photos of Serena’s famous curves to circle around the Internet!

Venus during Serena's marathon in Miami

The big sis Venus was also there, feeling comfy in the capri pants from her EleVen Vintage Floral line and the event-branded shirt.

Here’s how it looked at the finish line:

(photos via Daily Mail)


  1. Wow. What a sexist article. From a women’s website at that. Why is Serena always brought down to a lower class by constantly mentioning her curves or what she’s wearing? Why does that matter. Everyone sung the praises of Caroline and talked about how hard she worked and how she was an “inspiration.” However with Serena, you bring up her body and what she’s wearing? A damn shame.

  2. Renaldo, I don’t consider it sexist, nor “lower class”. It’s a fact that Serena has a very curvaceous body, way more unique and eye-catching than Caro’s, plus, she opted to wear the mini shorts and there’s nothing wrong in simply noticing that.


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