Photo overview of Caroline Wozniacki and Adidas by Stella McCartney throughout 2014: asymmetry, innovative colors and prints, flirty skirts and shorts


We are already quite sure that Caroline Wozniacki will open 2015 in this blue/mint romantically printed Adidas by Stella McCartney dress and matching Barricade shoes, as even a promo photo was released a few days ago, but we can’t step into the new year without having a closer look at the Dane’s 2014 outfits, the tradition we have long nurtured here on Women’s Tennis Blog as part of our Fashion Retrospections.

Wozniacki in blue Stella color-block dress

As most players, prior to the Australian Open the world No.8 wore the dress in which she finalized the previous, 2013 season – the infamous, overly busy and super weird color-block dress.

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The 2014 Australian Open dress also had excessive details, without the cutouts, but there were prints, colorful stripes and lots of pleats on skirt. However, in the end the item will stay remembered in a positive way, plus it photographed exceptionally well. Check out the photo of the dress in my 2014 Australian Open fashion overview if you don’t know what I’m talking about.

Wozniacki Doha

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After the clean combination of simple long sleeves and lovely white pleated skirt that lasted only for one match in Doha and the eternal all-black style in Miami, Caro introduced this beautiful outfit consisting of the Adidas Stella McCartney Spring Tank and the accompanying skirt, pictured below. You can notice that the outfit is very similar to Stella’s new 2015 collection, both in terms of colors and prints. I love this soft green combined with subtle grey print, while the dual back construction with standard and racerback silhouettes is also a nice feature. The skirt is amazing, too!

Wozniacki Madrid 2014 outfit

The French Open apparel was also my favorite from Stella 2014. I adore this Adidas Stella McCartney Barricade Seamless Tank and this color of the skirt, which retailers call signal green, is perfection.



At Wimbledon Wozniacki was rocking her best form in a long time, wearing this cute Stella McCartney Barricade Dress with a two-layered ruffled hem and the Adidas Stella Barricade 8 White shoes. In this outfit Woz also won her one and only title of 2014, the Istanbul Cup.


When it comes to tennis fashion, in Caro’s case Montreal and New Haven were marked by these flirty shorts, available in poppy pink and white. Definitely not a style for everyone, but I always welcome an innovative design and this one is rather successful.

Wozniacki Montreal 2014

And last but definitely not least, Wozniacki’s final tournaments of 2014 that included the US Open and Tokyo finals and Wuhan and Singapore semis were accompanied by this collection characterized by asymmetry, bust, shoulder and side ruffles, and colors of meat and earth which are not commonly used in sports clothes.

Caroline Wozniacki US Open 2014 dress

What do you think of Wozniacki’s 2014 when it comes to fashion? Which outfit is your favorite? I’m actually surprised to say it, but overall the designs were excellent!

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  1. Emman Damian, there were times when Ana had much more unique Adidas designs, i.e. a lot less players wore her outfits, sometimes if anyone besides her. Now it’s like how of the WTA is wearing Adizero.

  2. My favorite Adidas Stella McCartney dress for 2014 would be the French Open one. My second pick would be Australian Open dress and lastly the dress she sported in Dubai. I hope Ana Ivanovic will have her own line as well.

  3. My favorites were the French Open one + the shorts in Montréal and New Haven. I can’t help noticing that Caro looks so darn good in just simple top and skirt as well e.g. the all-black combo in Miami. We haven’t seen that too often during this time Stella has designed her clothes and it’s actually pretty nice sometimes. And the shorts she wore during the North American hard-court season fit her extremely well; we can all see her very athletic body.
    Oh, and one more thing: her meat-coloured dress at the end of the season would have been absolutely great, BUT NO. THE SIDE RUFFLE. WHY. UGH.

  4. Tenniz-fan, hahaha 😀 When I first saw the collection I was impressed actually. I like the extraordinary colors and the unusual designs, especially tanks. But I agree that side ruffles are not flattering, they are an unnecessary addition that doesn’t follow the shape of the body.

    Emman Damian, I doubt that will happen, but let’s stay hopeful. Plus, Adidas now has more successful players than Ana.

  5. I agree Marija. But since she is now back in the elite, I hope Adidas will make her something special. We all know that she has an exclusive (almost) dress for French Open. Kiki wore the same dress last year, it would have been only intended for Ana. I hope for Grand Slams, she’ll have her own dress. At least for Grand Slams.


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