Overview of all Dominika Cibulkova’s 2014 Lacoste dresses: navy and white all year long


This is Women’s Tennis Blog’s last Fashion Retrospection for 2014! I was actually thinking whether to even include Lacoste, since most of the dresses are pretty much the same, and pretty much the same as in previous years, but then again I wanted to give you a broader picture of the WTA fashion scene and Lacoste can’t be skipped, as it remains one of major brands in the industry. World No.10 Dominika Cibulkova is the company’s top representative, so let’s see what the Slovakian wore at the 23 tournaments she played this year.

Cibulkova Brisbane

Lacoste has never played with tennis fashion, always sticking to eternal classics. Lace, asymmetry, prints, colorfulness, playful straps, fringe, or any sort of modern experiment that all the other brands indulge in have never been Lacoste’s style.

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In 2014, the brand went a step further in its classic approach to tennis fashion – during the entire year their No.1 name Dominika Cibulkova wore only navy dresses, if we exclude Wimbledon with its all-white rule. Navy and white is an ever-lasting combination, which looks professional and elite on the courts, and even though Lacoste had no contributions in terms of fashion-forward designs, I actually like their approach and it’s good that we such brands.


After working last year’s dresses at Brisbane and Sydney, Cibulkova introduced this large V-neck piece in which she ran all the way to the Australian Open final and the Acapulco title. That dress is actually my least favorite this year.

As a reminder, check out my 2012 fashion retrospection of Cibulkova wearing Lacoste, there were much more colors, although the brand was not leaving the boundaries of a few classic colors.

Dominika Cibulkova - Roland Garros 2014

At the French Open Cibulkova launched this collared item with five bottoms as a detail in the front. Its official name was Lacoste Women’s Spring Mesh Yoke Dress and I pick it as my 2014 favorite.

Remember when Sam Stosur was Lacoste’s top representative not so long ago:

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The white version of the French Open dress was Cibulkova’s Wimbledon choice, while the Slovakian star finalized the year in this Lacoste Women’s Winter Contrast Strap Dress featuring a scoop neck and contrast elastic straps with cross-back design.

Dominika Cibulkova - Generali Ladies Linz 2014 - DSC_0988

Lotto used to be experiment-free as well, but they made a big shift in their approach this year. Should Lacoste follow suit? Hmm, even though I’m absolutely supporting Lotto’s decision, I don’t think Lacoste should do the same. Lacoste’s outfits are successfully enriching the world of women’s tennis fashion with high-quality and timeless designs and we have to have such a brand on the market. Do you agree? Or would you like Lacoste to start engaging in modern trends?

As I said in the beginning, this is my last women’s tennis fashion overview this year. I hope you’ve enjoyed them! If you happen to have skipped some, below is the list of my complete 2014 WTA clothing commentary work this off-season:

(photos: Jimmie48© Neal Trousdale, Jan Kruger)


  1. Liz, even though I generally like all the dresses and don’t mind Lacoste’s traditional style, if I hadn’t compiled all the photos here in one place, I wouldn’t have even noticed that she wore different dresses.

  2. Classic as usual, but a bit boring over the year as a whole… I don’t think it suits Lacoste to change directions and move into a whole new direction, but they have had better designs, though.

  3. Tennis Island, I find most of these dresses nice when you look at them as individual pieces, but this was probably too much of the same thing throughout one year.


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