Who’s in control of Serena Williams’ boobs? Now we know the answer!


Is this title too tabloid? Oh well, if Serena Williams can “control what bounces”, I can write a scandalous title. 🙂

Let the clip do the talking.


So, the answer is that Berlei bras are in charge of Serena’s boob bounce, reducing it 60%. Good to know! 😀

Even the Australian Open YouTube channel talks about Serena and Berlei, sharing a short coverage of the tennis champion’s Berlei promotion in the streets of Melbourne. Serena’s outfit of choice: an elegant black professional suit and skirt and a colorful bra — that’s all.

Serena has been wearing Australian Berlei bras for about ten years now, ever since her mother Oracene introduced her to them, while last year in the Australian Open period we saw Elle‘s exclusive behind-the-scenes footage from Serena’s Berlei shoot.


  1. Emman Damian, I know. The ad is actually quite cute and interesting, although I have to say I was quite stunned initially with all the boob bounces and those two footballs.

  2. Gregoire Gentil, oh Simona went for the last resort, but apparently it has helped her a lot. Serena loves her curves too much to do that! 🙂

  3. Serena has been wearing these bras for a few years now. They do look really great on her.

    I really object to the term “boobs” in the headline it’s really demeaning to women.

  4. Sharon Jonas, yes, as I said in the end of the article, since her mother Oracene introduced her to Berlei, it was about ten years ago.

  5. I am glad she “revealed” her bra maker. Many well endowed women who play sports struggle to find good sports bras. Now there are more options out there!

  6. Sabey, it’s been a known fact for a long time actually and every year during the AO there are some promos. Last year there was this Elle photoshoot that I mentioned in the post.


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