WTA fashion: Australian Open 2015 raises the bar!


Tennis fashion brings that extra spice to the excitement and tension of every Grand Slam and when it comes to the 2015 Australian Open we can bluntly say that Nike stole the show, be it with Serena’ powerful dress, the unexpected tweaks they surprised us with, or the headache-inducing (as one of our readers called it) color of Vika’s outfit, everyone’s been talking about Nike. Hence, I’ll start this edition of my traditional Grand Slam fashion overviews with an in-depth look at Nike, while there will be no shortage other brands as well. Let’s roll!

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I’ll start with Victoria Azarenka. I don’t know if she’s trying to beat the tennis balls here or the Australian sun. The two-time champion at Melbourne Park is fighting through the tournament draw dressed in all yellow (Nike likes to call this color “volt”) and even though the outfit features way too much of the same color (and plus that color is this blinding!), we have to admit that Vika brought a lot of liveliness with it and actually without the long sleeves and the shoes, the combo including the Nike Spring Advantage Printed Tank would look great.

Petra Kvitova shows how the collection should we worn — the Czech used yellow details to break up the pink separates – the Nike Spring Advantage Printed SS Top and the Nike Spring Victory Printed Skirt. Petra’s shoes are also pink and yellow: the Nike Zoom Vapor 9.5 Tour.

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Eugenie Bouchard, member of Sharapova’s fashion family, went for the Nike Spring Premier Tank highlighted by skinny straps and the coordinating lightweight flouncy woven skirt.

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Tennis fashion icon Maria Sharapova wore a bit toned-down version of her Nike Spring Maria OZ Premier Dress, by reducing the huge back cutout. This time other women are in the fashion limelight, but the Russian is still subtly standing out, being the only Nike woman dressed in red.

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And last but definitely not least — Serena Williams. We’ll see who will win the title, but the fashion trophy definitely goes into the American’s hands. Serena’s outfit has everything – it’s wearable, eye-catching, vibrant, powerful, innovative, modern, memorable. The item’s official name is the Nike Spring Slam Tunic and it’s actually available in black too, for those who like a less colorful version of sexy.

Just like me, Serena is pleased with Nike’s work for the 2015 Australian Open (after all, it came after a long period of uninspiring designs):

I think it’s the first time all Nike athletes can take one big picture together and all look really great.

Simona Halep at the 2015 Australian Open

Even though all the eyes seem to be on Nike, Adidas has also done an amazing job to make our January’s tennis nights even more exciting. We can’t forget that Ana Ivanovic‘s Adidas Spring Adizero Dress is perfection, even though we saw it in action on Ana for just one match, but Simona Halep is continuing the well-deserved promotion of the collection, sporting the Adidas Spring Adizero Tank and the accompanying skirt. To complete the look, Adidas created the Adizero CC Tempaia III shoes.

For those more on the romantic side, we have Stella Mc Cartney. Garbine Muguruza looks lovely in separates: the glacial and white tank paired with the ultra feminine floral skirt in light pink.

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Caroline Wozniacki‘s draw maybe was a nightmare, but her Adidas Spring Stella McCartney Barricade Dress sure wasn’t! Thumbs up for this design, that follows the trend of keyhole cutouts on back. Shoes: Adidas Stella Barricade 8 Poppy Pink.

Venus Williams and Jarmila Gajdosova at the 2015 Australian Open

Venus Williams and her own brand EleVen are challenging the tennis fashion giants ever more. The Ola collection is an absolute hit and the big Williams sis and Jarmila Gajdosova enjoyed themselves on the courts (Venus still is!) in the EleVen Ola Print Aussie Dress (Jarka even broke her AO curse in it!). Looking at how far Venus has come with her clothing line, it’s hard to believe that she took the leading role in the 2011 Australian Open fashion disaster!

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Heather Watson, the new official representative of New Balance, wore the Fall Tournament Racer Tank, which besides in this paradise blue exists also in glacier (grey) and poisonberry (pink), and the New Balance Fall Tournament Pleated Skirt, available in blue, black, white and black grape. Elina Svitolina, as well as Monica Puig, not only looked awesome in their white and yellow/blue Ellesse outfits, but they really drew attention to their sponsor with various fun promotional events during the tournament.

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Asics, not surprisingly, brought nothing groundbreaking to the table, although the brand got nice exposure when their representatives Sam Stosur and Coco Vandeweghe clashed for an entertaining showdown in the second round. And all last year’s runner-up Dominica Cibulkova got from her sponsor Lacoste is a change of color from solid navy to white with navy, LOL! Remember that Cibulkova wore only navy dresses throughout 2014? That may even be some sort of a record in history!

Agnieszka Radwanska - Australian Open 2015 photo

While Asics and Lacoste didn’t even surprise with their styles, we expected much more from Lotto. Last year was the company’s breakthrough year and we expected them to start the 2015 with a bang (and we thought that bang would be this black lace dress), but all we got is this flat white/navy piece. From my point of view, this is a huge fail by Lotto, but maybe they’re having a different strategy, to launch a big design at the tournament in Rome, just like they did last year with the memorable floral dress.

Jelena Jankovic and Julia Goerges at the 2015 Australian Open - Fila dress

And finally Fila! The company boasts its new Platinum collection as the “most advanced, breakthrough collection, with technology as its focal point”, but it could not help Jelena Jankovic stay at the Australian Open for longer than one hour and 18 minutes. The pink version of the dress was more lucky and Julia Goerges made the second week of the Grand Slam. However, both the designs are too simple and can’t compete with fashion-forward Nike, Adidas and EleVen.

Now that we have such an extensive overview in front of us, what do you think, which brand has done the best job for the 2015 Australian Open? What’s your favorite outfit? As for me, Nike has really made an impression and this tournament is definitely marked by Nike, but you know that Adidas somehow always steals my heart and I’ll give my vote to Halep’s separates/Ivanovic’s dress, or even Caro’s lovely light green floral feel.

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  1. Hi Marija!

    As I said on twitter, the fashion this year is impressive. The fashion brands have probably thought of the outfits for a long, long time.

    Serena’s, in particular, is so captivating in the tv. It contrasts well with the blue courts at Melbourne. Maria’s classic cut with the sexy cutout is also my favorite. And for the others, I love Simona’s shoes. That is all.

    I can’t wait for Roland Garros, hoping they’d bring their fashion A game there.

  2. Phaura Reinz, this AO is the biggest refreshment in terms of WTA fashion in a long time and it’s all thanks to Nike. Adidas has actually been consistently good, but Nike went through a dull phase and now they’re finally back to their old self. They’re not looking for glamor that much, but rather for fashion-forward and sexy, vibrant designs, and it’s a 10!

    Emman Damian, I totally agree about what you said of Vika’s outfit. That’s exactly what I explained in the post. Without the long sleeves the outfit is excellent. Only that I would also leave out the yellow shoes in the combo and opt for some neutral color, or some contrasting color.

  3. I have a doubt.doesn’t maria design her clothes or she just gets to pick from all nike designs…. either way she’d have known about that cut in the back.. maybe she didn’t want to get those tan lines on her back ( especially when playing in australian sun :P) Is it possible that serena saw promotions for maria’s dresses and wanted to catch up 😀 and and coming to adidas i like stellas’s collection better than adzero. 🙂 with or without sleeves azarenka’s outfit is nothing special for me and i’m still waiting for venus to wear her other ao dress

  4. If you ask me, 2 of my favorite dresses are Ana Ivanovic’s and Serena’s. I actually like Vika’s dress if you remove the “volt” long sleeves and stick to original dress itself. I saw one picture of Vika playing with only the dress and it looks amazing since it is white with “volt” highlights at the end of the dress. I’m disappointed with Lacoste, Fila and most especially Lotto. Asics is ok but too basic and too orange for me. They could have done something more. I actually like Julia’s separates although it is almost a repetition of an old design and color but it was way more better than JJ’s white platinum dress.

    Nike really did steal the show. Oh and I think Andrea Petkovic sported an all white kit at AO this year instead of the floral skirt. Caro’s dress is lovely and Venus’ dress is also a hit for me! Well, Maria’s dress could have been better if she made it light blue or white.

  5. I like Venus’s clothes and the Stella Macartney ones the best. The flouro looks ok on Serena and I quite like the back of her dress (although perhaps trying a bit hard), but there’s too much of it with all of them wearing it and it doesn’t suit the people with paler skin so well. Lotto and Asics are boring, Lacoste has a certain preppy charm but it doesn’t suit Dominika, something with more of a flared skirt would look better on her..

  6. Hmm, I may be in the minority but I’m not crazy about all the nike gear. Maria reminds me of those over the top salsa dancer outfits in that color with the ruffle. Plus, nike always uses that neckline and straps, as Vika, Garcia, and Petra all have tank tops that are the same silhouettes as Maria, just different colors. Genie has a boring shirt that barely fits her, but her skirt is cool. Guess we should ask for more twirls? 😉 Love Serena, as her outfit isn’t just reusing the same silhouette over and over.

    Adidas does a better job of trying new silhouettes yet staying wearable. All their players looked good, and I actually want to buy their outfits since they are not pieces I could get from any brand. Elina svitlona looked cute, as did the Stella girls, eleven, and even Fila was ok. The rest was boring. Still, it’s been a lot of fun with the fashion this year 😀

  7. Sru, it’s a collaboration. I don’t think she designs from scratch, rather, she works with the Nike team on the design, and it’s more like a promo thing, I don’t believe she has a final say.

    CLT, agree, the overly vibrant tones are not the best option for the pale skinned.

    Brenda, whether one likes the new Nike clothes or not, it cannot be argued that they are definitely ruling the AO fashion scene.

    Ga, just like you, despite all the Nike hype, I still gave my vote to Adidas. I’ll make a poll on the blog in a few days and we’ll see who will win. I’ll just have to think how to organize it, not to have too many entries/poll options.

  8. Marija, you’ve got great taste then lol 😉 can’t wait for the polls, and I love it when you do these overviews, it puts everything in good perspective seeing it all together

  9. I definitely like the outfits this year! And Nike is the reason. I dont know if Vika is channeling Duchess Kate in her cannary kits but she sure stands out and screams, “I am here, mate!” Serena definitely looks good in that color combos and for sure when she will hoist that trophy later this week she will look outstanding. Masha’s shorts made her dress fantastic. But for me, Petra and Serena are the best-dressed Nike girls out there.
    I am also disappointed with Aga, with her loss today and her ultra-boring outfits. Where’s the fun florals, Lotto?!! They should start the fierce designs in Melbourne not later in the year. I dont like EleVen’s dress cut on Venus, sorry. Quite dowdy looking and in some instances, she looks like she has a pouch. But her hair is cool.

  10. Domi should look for other sponsors. I mean she is like a tiny doll you can dress up with anything you like but, she ended up looking like a schoolgirl in her schoolgirl uniforms most of the time.
    Addidas unfortunately didnt have anybody else in the 2nd week except for Halep. I miss Caro and Ana and their beautifully sweet dresses. If they were still here, Addidas will definitely challenge the on-slaught of Nike’s highlighter colors with their subtle feminine ones.
    My verdict: Nike wins c/o Serena.
    (But I’m still an Addidas girl)

  11. I think Cibulkova’s problem is that she wears the dresses a few sizes too small. The Lacoste dresses look best on Cornet.
    I agree that Serena, Caro, Anna,Maria and Venus had lovely dresses but I also loved Muguruza’s separates and Sloane Stephen’s dress was really cute too. Too bad we didn’t get to see it much.

  12. Paula, I also think Lotto should have launched some fun design at Melbourne and then they could again prepare something intersting for Rome. And I agree with everything else you said about the other brands. Haha love your quote “on-slought of Nike’s highlighter colors”. 😀 Well, an on-slought for some, but for Nike it’s marketing perfection!

    Sabey, Cibulkova’s bigger problem is that she practically hasn’t changed a dress in half of her career 😛

  13. Would you agree with me in saying that this years australian open was probably the greatest ever slam when It comes to fashion. And I believe that serena’s outfit is her best and arguably the greatest ever tennis outfit, not rivalling sharapovas dresses in glamour but absolutely winning in sportiness.

  14. Jules, I definitely loved Serena’s sexy and sporty AO outfit, but my all-time favorites are sophisticated and ultra glamorous styles: like tuxedos and some Sharapova’s glittery dresses from the past. Therefore, I’m not sure this year’s AO would be my favorite, I think that in general US Open is the best Grand Slam for tennis fashion, and of course Wimbledon.


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