Australian Open 2015 WTA poll: Who’s got the best style?


While we’re waiting to see what Omair‘s tennis statistics have to say about the upcoming women’s final and whether numbers are suggesting that Maria Sharapova can finally end her slump against Serena Williams that actually started at the Australian Open ten years ago, let’s see who is winning the tournament in terms of fashion.

During the off-season, following my extensive Fashion Retrospections that gave you a pretty good overview of who wore what during 2014, I organized a poll and Ana Ivanovic took the No.1 position as the best dressed player of the season. During majors I also always do these Grand Slam fashion overviews and this fortnight I’ve done the same, so now it’s your turn to vote for your best-dressed women’s tennis player of the 2015 Australian Open.

In case you missed my overview, to make an informed decision do first visit the post: “WTA fashion: Australian Open 2015 raises the bar!”

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Since this is basically a battle of Nike vs. Adidas, and to some extent EleVen, I’ve decided to also include a short poll featuring just brands. So, which brand created the best clothes for the 2015 Australian Open? As you know if you read my overview, I think that Nike stole the show and I love the big bang they brought to this Aussie Open, but overall Adidas is better, even though it got much less attention this time. EleVen did a great job and is hence earning a place in this poll, but in my opinion it is still not beating neither Adidas nor Nike. What do you think?

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  1. Zilman, I had to cut the number of options somehow, and Muguruza happened to be the one to be left out. If you like her style, simply vote for Wozniacki, since they’re representing the same line.

  2. Jamie, I didn’t think that this time Lotto was worthy of a best dressed list. Sorry. I sneaked JJ in and she has so far received just one vote. I don’t think that Aga would receive more either. But I may be wrong…

  3. I actually like Serena’s dress better than Maria’s. But overall, I like Ana’s dress. Simple and sporty yet innovative. I can’t believe WTA didn’t include her in the best dressed at AO. Oh well, Simona took the honors on her behalf.


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