Photos through the years: Serena Williams with her Australian Open trophies


On Friday night at the 2015 Australian Open Serena Williams once again showed how powerful she is and how far behind her all the other WTA ladies are, including the five-time Grand Slam champion Maria Sharapova whom she beat in the final. What’s even more impressive is that Serena will turn 34 in September and she’s still rocking the tennis courts, just as way back in 2003 when her Australian Open title run coined the term “Serena Slam”, as she achieved to be holding all Grand Slam singles titles simultaneously. All this inspired me to make a collage of Serena’s Australian Open trophy pics, to give us a better perspective on the 19-time Grand Slam champion’s evolution.

Memory lane - Serena Williams with her six Australian Open trophies

This is Serena today, posing with her Daphne Akhurst Memorial Cup in Melbourne’s Carlton Gardens, and she’s still enjoying both the work leading to success and the thrill of winning titles:

Serena Williams poses with her 2015 Australian Open trophy

I can play as long as I would like. I think now with technology and stuff, players are able to play longer. I can play as long as I want to, so it just depends on how long I want play. I really don’t know (how long I want to play). I do know that I’m having fun. I love winning championships, I love holding trophies at the end of the week. More than anything I love to do the work to get there.

Inspired by the glamorous trophy photoshoot in Carlton Gardens, I decided to make a collage of Williams’ Australian Open off-court trophy photo sessions as well. My favorites are the year 2003, when the 21-year-old Serena posed on the banks of the Yarra River, following the victory over sister Venus in the finals, and the year 2005, when Serena displayed her trophy on a water taxi outside the Rod Laver Arena, after her triumph over Lindsey Davenport in the finals.

Serena Williams - glamorous trophy photoshoots at the Australian Open

Serena is a living legend, what more can I say!


  1. Emman Damian, Serena is becoming ever more glamorous through the years. It’s so cute being reminded about how she was basically a child when she won her first Australian Open.

    Jade, definitely a legend. As a tennis blogger, I can always focus on just a portion of her successes, because if I were to sum up all her achievements every time she achieves something new, I would end up writing 10-page posts each time.

  2. Emman Damian, in the next few weeks? 😀 Definitely not. Serena has been a force and an awe-inspiring opponent to the rest of the WTA.

  3. I agree Marija. She evolved on and off the court. She’s the complete package. I don’t think we’ll see another Serena in the next few weeks. She clearly dominated the last 10-15 years of women’s tennis. How time flies. Now, she’s a living legend. I know she can surpass Steffie in the most Grand Slam wins.

  4. I love the longer skirt and midriff top in the recent photo; she looks very poised, classy, and attractive in that pose. Looks like Serena’s found the Fountain of Youth, considering her face and body haven’t aged a bit over the years. Matter of fact, the present-day face of Serena actually looks the best (IMO). This lady seems to only get BETTER with age, unlike most of us, unfortunately. There’s just no stopping Serena Williams! Her agility, speed, serve, powerful ball striking and longevity are just amazing and truly incomparable. And, how about Ms. Madison Keys? She played beautifully and I’m certain she’ll be taking some major titles real soon. Something about her reminds me of Alexandra Stevenson. Anybody remember her? I’d love it if someone would do an update on Alex. Too bad she had to drop out of professional tennis at such a young age.

  5. The Real Deal, age is definitely not a hindrance to Serena. She’s a true inspiration. About Madison, I will post my friend David Fearnhead’s contribution tomorrow probably, his Australian Open 2015 Top 5 things, and Madison is right there. She definitely made this AO special, especially to Americans. About Alexandra Stevenson, I’ve seen people comparing how Keys and Stevenson look alike. To be honest, I have absolutely no updates on Alexandra.


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