For the love of Schweinsteiger: Ivanovic hosts costume party in Munich


Ana Ivanovic decided to surprise her boyfriend Bastian Schweinsteiger and gathered the football elite accompanied by their wives/girlfriends at the Cafe Reitschule in Munich. The masked attendees were in good spirits, since Bastian’s team Bayern Munich defeated Stuttgart 2-0 to win their first game this year. Theme of the party: Western style!

We had cowboys, Woody from Toy Story, Indians, while Ana was masked as Zorro.

Masked Ana Ivanovic - Bastian Schweinsteiger

Check out more photos at Daily Mail.

Ivanovic's party for Schweinsteiger in Munich

You can find more info about Ana’s relationship with Bastian in our page WTA Players and their Love Partners.

UPDATE (CORRECTION?): As our reader Luna from Germany has informed us, even though Daily Mail and numerous other media outlets reported that Ana hosted the party, Luna said and justified that in German sources it was stated that Bastian himself organized the party, as he traditionally organizes similar parties each year.


  1. this is not right. Bastian organized this Party every year in february/march and every year there is a different Motto.

  2. This year Ana organized the event. She should be practing for Dubai! Oh well, if it means that she’ll forget her 1R loss against Lucie then so be it. She is so in love right now. Honestly, I really like Adam Scott for Ana. They are so perfect together. Any thoughts?

  3. Luna, my source was Daily Mail and I checked the info in various media outlets.

    Emman Damian, thanks for confirming that Ana organized the party. As for which boyfriend was her best, hmmm I’m actually yet to like one! But what do I know 😀

  4. daily mail is wrong. look at the german press. and here you can see the Invitation: http(:)//sbundbs(.)tumblr(.)com/post/110468474091 it was bastians Party

  5. Luna, I really appreciate your feedback. I’m always looking for the truth and am open for corrections. Can you please re-share the link? It’s not working.

  6. Luna, but it’s not a major German media outlet. As I can see, it’s just a blog about Bastian and his now ex-girlfriend Sarah. Am I right? Why would it be more legitimate than Daily Mail? I’m just discussing, you may be correct.

  7. Please don’t say you use Daily Fail as source for anything. One of the most unreliable British gossip tabloids, full of false rumors and made up stories every day. There’s a good reason Daily Mail is usually called Daily Fail.

  8. “Why would it be more legitimate than Daily Mail?”

    ANYTHING is more legitimate than the Daily Fail.


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