Burn The Baseline With The Hottest New Racket On the Court, Brought to you by Wilson Sporting Goods Co.


Wilson is launching a new family of Burn tennis rackets and they chose to include Women’s Tennis Blog in the range of sites promoting their fresh product. This campaign revolves around men’s tennis, with the main face being Kei Nishikori, but don’t think that Wilson has forgotten about the WTA stars. Simona Halep is also part of the Burn team and her comment on the racket is simple: “I just love it.”

Ready to accelerate your power to battle from the baseline? Check out the new Burn family of high-performance tennis rackets from Wilson. This racket is designed for today’s player who predominately plays from the baseline and seeks booming power from a bold, sleek frame.

There are five Burn rackets to choose from to suit YOUR style of play. Each is jam-packed with the latest in racket innovation, including Spin Effect Technology, which produces heavy shots with awesome control, and the X2 Shaft, perfect for two-handed backhands and quick grip changes for extreme grips. Parallel drilling provides a bigger, more forgiving sweet spot, and a high-performance carbon fiber frame delivers explosive power.

This is a racket that will have you blasting groundstrokes all day long.

Take a look at Kei Nishikori burning through the baseline with one of these exciting new rackets in the video above. To learn more about Wilson’s new Burn family, go to http://www.wilson.com/burn/



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