Awaiting ‘s-Hertogenbosch comeback, Cibulkova gets doggy support in post-surgery gym practice


On March 9th, world No.30 Dominika Cibulkova had to rush to the operating room, even though her initial plans had been to postpone the Achilles surgery after the 2015 US Open. Good news is that, after the successful two-hour surgery, in which doctors removed a centimeter growth on the bone of her left heel, the Slovak’s recovery process has been progressing well. Last Friday Cibulkova took off the brace from her leg and now she’s exercising more freely, with the moral support of her two cute dogs, Mia and Woody! The Yorkies have traveled the world with Domi, accompanying her wherever she goes.

Cibulkova in the gym after surgery

Of course, the brace was not stopping Domi from attending red carpet events. The 25-year-old attended this month’s OTO Awards (television screen personality awards) in Bratislava. The crutches are hidden behind her in this pic.

Cibulkova OTO awards in Bratislava

Cibulkova doesn’t want to force her comeback, but hopes to recover in no more than two and a half months. She has signed up for the grass-court Topshelf Open in ‘s-Hertogenbosch, which takes place in the first half of June. (source: Cibulkova’s official website, photos via Cibulkova’s Twitter)


  1. It’s a tough road for her considering she had a good season last year. I wish Domi a speedy recovery. The Yorkies are so cute! I’m not so sure if she can play in the grass court event on time but let’s hope for the best! Pome Domi!

  2. Methinks Domi will recover quicker than most, because she is so fit an soooo determined. BTW do any WTA players have anything but small breed dogs? Serena and Venus have Yorkies, as does Domi..Caro has a pom, etc, etc. I think Zarina Diyas has at least a cocker mix and a German Shepherd mix. In Li’s book, “My Life” she professes her wish to have a Siberian Husky, but her husband Jiang Shan doesn’t want to have any dogs around because they are “dirty”. And Hsieh Su-wei is the only player to admit liking and having cats.


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