Old times: Maria Sharapova’s first photoshoot


Maria Sharapova has made the largest number of fashion spreads among WTA players, but posing has not always been second nature to the Russian, who has made the tennis and business synergy and wrapped it up in a perfect package embellished with fashion. The 27-year-old is yet another proof that everything is a result of hard work and practice, even “spontaneous” poses for the lens.

Maria Sharapova - first photoshoot

Above is a photo from Masha’s first ever photoshoot, when she, according to her own words, “only knew the smiling face”. 🙂 I’m still at that level! 😛

And below is another oldie but goodie. The future five-time Grand Slam champion and world No.1 happily swinging her racquet.

Little Maria Sharapova

One more photo treasure, although not that old, is this 2004 photo of Maria Sharapova and Tatiana Golovin, from the DFS Classic final in Birmingham. It has remained the third youngest final in WTA history, with players having the combined age of 33 years and 6 months. That’s almost exactly, actually a bit less, than Serena Williams’ current age! Masha was 17 years and 1 month old here, while Tati was 16 years and 5 months (by the way, Tati hasn’t played in years now and is currently pregnant). At the tournament, Maria clinched both the singles and doubles title (with Maria Kirilenko)!

Maria Sharapova and Tatiana Golovin

If you liked this throwback, do check out our Little Tennis Stars section, which features all the coolest and cutest childhood photos of the WTA players. For more of little Sharapova, here’s your treat:

And my favorite:


  1. The lens really loved Maria from the start. She was so adorable on those pictures. I really like Maria as a player on and off the court. She knows her potential outside the tennis courts as well. She is a great champion and ambassador like Ana Ivanovic.

  2. Emman Damian, in my opinion, Serena is the best player, but Maria is the best whole package (tennis player, businesswoman, model, ambassador, etc.).

  3. I saw the picture. I’m not sure if Maria will wear this in Roland Garros. It must be the skirt for those Nike players wearing Maria’s line. The skirt is a bit plain. It will look good if it will be paired with a nice tank top. But as what I have mentioned before, it will look different in action so let’s wait and see.

  4. Ga, Maria is always wearing dresses at the French Open. Maybe she’ll have a dress of similar style. I’ll have to wait a bit more to be sure.


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