Wimbledon ladies’ fashion overview: making the most within the boundaries of the white rule


If you’re a loyal reader of my blog, you know that I do extensive fashion overviews for each Grand Slam and that I’m a big fan of Wimbledon fashion, even though all that brands have to work with is plain white. My stance is that strict Wimbledon rules push designers to think extra hard, forcing them to play even more with textures, fabrics and cuts, as they don’t have the freedom of using attention-grabbing colors and prints. Have a look at this collage of latest women’s tennis clothing and let me know if you agree with me.

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Horizontal tonal stripes and modern dual criss-cross straps at back are the highlights of Ana Ivanovic‘s Adidas Fall All Premium Dress. Always modern and never over-the-top, the Serb looked sporty and elegant at the same time, just like Simona Halep and Kristina Mladenovic, who worked separates from this Adidas London Collection.

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Representatives of the Adidas Barricade line created by Stella McCartney, most notably Andrea Petkovic and Caroline Wozniacki, looked spectacular in the new designs that merge sportiness and femininity. Petkovic paired the classic Adidas Fall Stella McCartney Tank, that includes a half-zip for customizable ventilation, with a highly refreshing and girly laser cut open mesh skirt. Wozniacki’s Adidas Fall Stella McCartney Dress has a sporty cut, with the hem adding Stella’s unavoidable touch of femininity, while the top front wrap element and V-shaped straps at back are absolute hits. Moreover, Stella didn’t want to keep her designs on the safe side by completely avoiding colors, rather, she used slight yellow accents, but modest enough not to challenge Wimbledon’s restricting and clearly defined rules.

Venus Williams - EleVen Wimbledon outfit

Venus Williams made a last-minute change of mind. Instead of wearing the overly simple dress that her team told me she would wear, the five-time Wimbledon champion switched to this V-neck EleVen item with crossed straps at square back opening, while the touch of detail at the bottom section are just several stylish pleats at center back.


Just like in the Wimbledon tune-up period, Agnieszka Radwanska sported the Lotto London Kaylee Dress, that doesn’t follow the trend of entertaining back designs, having just modest racerback, but the front section is embellished with four layers at chest. There is slight contrast piping on sides, while the most distinctive feature of the design are laser perforations at bottom hem.

Sloane Stephens - Under Armour - Wimbledon 2015 - dress

Unlike Lotto, Sloane Stephen‘s Under Armour embraced the playfulness in the back area, featuring thin vertical laces in the open back section and cute, textured chest.

Sharapova - Wimbledon 2015

Maria Sharapova‘s Nike dress has strategically-placed subtle print with contrasting triangles, in the skirt section and at waist for better figure definition. The back is that of a regular tank, but that’s a wise decision, since the dress has many other beatifying details that grab attention, so a busy back would be too much for this piece.

Serena Williams - Wimbledon 2015 Nike dress

Serena Williams introduced animal prints right after last year’s Wimbledon, while wider public certainly still has in mind the world No.1’s bold US Open dresses (as a reminder, check out my retrospective of all Serena’s 2014 looks), and it’s interesting that the American tennis tornado is still wearing that same print, applied to a different style of dress. The cut of this latest dress is similar to Serena’s memorable Australian Open dress, with very open top section featuring two thin straps that merge at back. As you can see, a good supportive bra is a must, and Serena’s option is always Berlei.

Jelena Jankovic Wimbledon

Jelena Jankovic eliminated defending champion Petra Kvitova from the tournament, feeling comfortable in her Fila Spring Lawn Dress, which offers UV 30+ protection, while much-needed breathability is ensured thanks to tonal mesh inserts at front and back.

Belinda Bencic - Yonex Wimbledon outfit

WTA’s young forces Heather Watson and Belinda Bencic opted for a no-frills fashion approach, with their New Balance and Yonex kits, respectively.

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When it comes to Lacoste, I thought that their collared look would be my favorite of the tournament, but it turned out it didn’t fulfill my expectations. On Christina McHale I didn’t like that the top was a bit see-through and the whole outfit seemed somewhat sloppy, while Alize Cornet‘s bottom was plain, she didn’t wear the pleated option that we expected (I saw she wore it in doubles, but paired it with a different tank, so again we didn’t have the expected, highly classy look).

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Elina Svitolina promoted the classy sportiness of Ellesse, a nice everyday look.

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Tube socks are a must in Bethanie Mattek Sands‘ style, this time kind of soccer-player-inspired, while Italian Camila Giorgi went for a bold all-lace kit. By the way, I read somewhere that Giorgi is planning to start her own clothing brand, but is still keeping its name a secret.

My favorite outfit of this year’s Wimbledon is Maria Sharapova’s Nike dress, even though I’m disappointed that it’s not available at retail. My second favorite is Caroline Wozniacki’s Adidas Fall Stella McCartney Dress and overall the entire new Adidas Barricade group. Which outfits are your favorites? I want to hear your thoughts in the comments.

If you enjoyed this overview, do take some time to compare the fashions from previous Wimbledons. You’ll get a better picture of the evolution of women’s tennis clothing:

(photos: Moo’s Tennis Blog; Jimmie48; Florian Eisele, Jon Buckle, Thomas Lovelock, Jed Leicester, Eddie Keogh/AELTC; Shaun Botterill, Julian Finney, Ian Walton, Clive Brunskill, Shaun Botterill/Getty Images)


  1. Ivanovic and Sharapova were the winners for me, no question. As usual, they didn’t put a foot wrong. Sloane Stephens’ dress was also nice- I liked that Under Armour took a bit of a risk.

    Wasn’t a fan of Serena’s dress or the Stella McCartney designs… I especially wasn’t a fan of the cut out in Wozniacki’s dress, I thought it made the dress look a bit cheap!

    I completely agree with what you said Marija, the strict rules at Wimbledon push the designers to make an extra effort and work extra hard. The unfortunate thing is that it also really limits them and often we see similar designs year after year. I love the all-white rule and the tradition that comes with it but I agree with what some of the players are saying in that the rules have gotten a bit ridiculous.

    I always think back to Sharapova’s ‘Swan Lake’ dress when Wimbledon comes around… hard to believe that was 8 years ago! Probably still my favourite Wimbledon dress ever!

  2. My vote is for Maria’s dress, which is interesting without being fussy, and Serena’s is my second choice. I don’t mind the Stella Macartney looks either. Sloane’s dress is ok but the back is very fussy, also it seems very short. I don’t like the thin straps on the Adidas clothes, I think they are too insubstantial and inappropriate for sport, also I think Venus has not done as well as usual, the back detail is not really attractive and doesn’t seem to go with the rest of the design. And I have a secret liking for Camila Giorgi’s outfit just because it is really out there, although I can’t really imagine anyone else wearing it – it seems to work on her because she has quite a petite and pretty face. I like the white clothes overall because they look good on the court and somehow make it easier to concentrate on the tennis.

  3. Forgot to say I also like Jelena’s dress which is simple and attractive and shows off her great figure well.

  4. I like Sharapova’s dress, but it’s tiresome that they keep reusing that same silhouette of the tank like at the us open 2014 and the French open 2015. It’s even similar to the Aussie open 2015, and French + Wimbledon 2014. Wish nike would step it up, as they should also do with Serena!

    I like Stella, especially on Petkovic. Then ellesse, lotto, under armor, eleven, and adidas all look great as well. I’m also disappointed in Lacoste as well.

    Marija, your blog was mentioned in a dailymail article about Dona vekic 😉 http://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-3148652/Who-teenager-cheering-tennis-champion-Stan-Wawrinka-Donna-Vekic-hailed-Sharapova-model-good-looks-boot.html

    Also, it might be my phone, but comments and articles haven’t been loading on here as of late. Don’t know why

  5. Bróna, my all-time favorite look is also Maria’s, but the tuxedo outfit. It was so unique and classy, perfect for Wimbledon. Pity that we haven’t had similar outfits ever since, inspired by formal male clothing. Isn’t it gorgeous? https://womenstennisblog.com/2014/04/09/sharapovas-glamorous-nike-outfits-ever/

    CLT, remember that it was at Wimbledon that Giogi first attracted greater attention some years ago and her dress was one of the reasons. She has both the looks and style and isn’t afraid of experiments. Here you can see the dress I’m talking about: https://womenstennisblog.com/2012/07/06/the-discreet-fashion-of-wimbledon-2012/

    Ga, thanks for the Daily Mail share! I didn’t know they mentioned my blog. It would’ve been even better had they included the link. As for the comments, hmmm, try to delete the cookies from your phone, that could do the trick. I see all the comments well.

  6. As always, Stella’s designs were my favorite. I’m very happy because Garbine will be wearing an amazing outfit at the finals. I hope she wins 🙂
    Maria’s dress was also pretty, the same as Ana’s. I’m in love with Sloane’s Under Armour’s dress. This brand is increasing so much, having in their staff stars like Andy Murray and golfer Jordan Spieth. I think we will know much about this brand in a few years. The last outfit that I will put in my favorite’s list is the separate of Lacoste, I’m a big fan of Lacoste’s elegance, and this year they made a great job with McHale’s look 🙂

  7. Every brands “all white game” is on point this wimbledon for me. Every one were trying to do something special even if it’s only white. I love watching ana in those type of outfits and I loved those stripes that was one elegant look. I thoguht serena and maria’s Outfits were so innovative very different from what we have seen before. I didn’t particularly like stella’s designs especially the skirts that Gabie and andrea were wearing but I guess they grew on me. I love sloane’s dress. It looks so great and interestingly after last years venus wimb outfit every one is trying to use those mesh designs venus really is making an impact on womens tennis fashion I say. And speaking of venus Is she a WTB reader Cuz she must have read all of our comments and may have changed her outfit 😛 I love how most of the details are on back side which is visible to camera which we get to see 😉 Only dissapointment for me is lacoste It looked horrible
    and on a side note lately I, just like Ga, am not able to see some comments especially the ones I’m posting and I’m not on my phone but am on my laptop

  8. Brenda, I agree about Under Armour, it’s getting better and better, plus, all the outfits look great on Sloane, from those bright-colored combos to these interestingly-designed white pieces. About McHale’s look, unfortunately, I don’t agree, as I explained in the post.

    Sru, about comments, please just try to delete cookies from your computer, I think that after that you shouldn’t be having a problem seeing the comments. Please let me know if the issue persists. As for Venus, she may well be reading WTB, actually! 🙂 When I said all the best about one of her previous designs, the EleVen Facebook page mentioned Women’s Tennis Blog and she also retweeted some of my fashion posts that praised EleVen.

  9. As always, I like Ana and Maria’s dresses. Sloane’s dress was also a clear fashion hit. The back was a big plus! I also like Andrea and Garbi’s separates.

  10. My favs are also the dresses of Ana and Maria.
    I think it’s kind of weird that I can’t seem to find Ana’s dress in online shops…. 🙁 The separates are all there, but I really love the dress *must buy* 😛

    I also kind of like Giorgi’s outfit, but I hate the peeping bellybutton 😛 I don’t think this suits Wimbledon’s classy style 😉

  11. @ Liz: isn’t it this one?
    [link expired]

    TennisWarehouse usually delivers 🙂
    btw, I agree with you on the Giorgi outfit!

  12. Yes, I already saw it available on TW, but I meant in EU stores 🙁
    If you order at TW, you’re doomed to pay a lot of taxes here…

  13. Why didn’t nike release designs before serena and maria before Wimbledon? Extremely sloppy and unprofessional

  14. Jules, they failed to feature Serena’s outfit for both Roland Garros and Wimbledon. Let’s hope they won’t fail again for the US Open, especially now that she’s aiming for the Serena Slam.

  15. Exactly they should come up with something incredible. Perhaps they should do something similar to when kim clijsters retired at the us open 3 years ago


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