Genie Bouchard spotted holding hands with hockey player Jordan Caron in Montreal

Eugenie Bouchard and Jordan Caron - Montreal
Genie strolling Montreal downtown with Jordan

WTA ladies love to date fellow athletes, and if it’s not a tennis star or a golfer, it has to be a hockey player. Canada’s Eugenie Bouchard is finding consolation for her steep career slump in the company for hockey player Jordan Caron. The two were spotted holding hands while doing some shopping in the center of Montreal, while the rumors of their relationship had been swirling around locally for some time already. The source, Hollywood PQ, is still staying reserved on confirming the relationship, but we suppose that one doesn’t just casually hold hands with male friends.

Genie with her brother William
Genie with her brother William

What’s strange about this situation is that Genie’s younger brother William was also with them and when they spotted photographers Bouchard switched to holding hands with her brother instead of her supposed boyfriend.

Jordan is Genie’s fellow Canadian and at 24 is three years her senior.

This is the first time Genie is featured in our WTA Players and their Love Partners page. Let’s see how this story will evolve.

Thank you, Frank, for telling me about this piece of news! 🙂


  1. Emman Damian, she does have a crush on Bieber, but that doesn’t mean she can’t have a boyfriend 🙂

  2. They make a cute couple, but I don’t know if that will enhance or help her game. Most often, romantic relationships hinder the player, especially when they break up. What’s interesting in the photo of her with her brother is that he appears to be giving the middle finger. What a shame, if he is!

  3. This is going to sound very bad for Canadians and very stereotypical but, Canadians love their hockey. Now that Bouchard has garnered some support in her native land, she can land a hockey player. I suppose her true dream would be to land that famous young Canadian singer most men seem to hate.

  4. The Real Deal, wow I didn’t even notice the middle finger. It does seem intentional!

    P!nky, and most women, actually! 😛

  5. Emman Damian, everybody has a athlete or celeb they have a crush. Mine is American soccer player Christen Press, and of course JJ.

  6. Well her young brother does have up his middle finger. i guess the apple doesnt fall too far from the tree. No wonder her arrogant attitude has her falling in rankings.

  7. She had her hands all over some college kid she lost a bet with this week. She went on a date with him because of a Super Bowl bet. I think I Dream of Genie has some kind of hormone problem from training and working out so much to be a pro athlete. Either that or she’s just a little priktease.


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