Maria Kirilenko launches new Instagram account with gorgeous pregnancy pic


Maria Kirilenko pregnant

Maria Kirilenko left us speechless in January when she married a Russian businessman without even previously disclosing that she had a boyfriend, and it all happened just months after she had broken off her engagement to hockey player Alex Ovechkin. The Russian tennis beauty then shared with the world some photos from the wedding and even an airplane pic when she took off to the honeymoon, but afterwards we had a long period of silence, up until the moment another surprise emerged recently –  the news about Kirilenko giving birth to a baby boy in Moscow. Soon afterwards, however, the tennis star shared the happy announcement with the world by stating on Twitter that she had learned the true happiness of becoming a mother.

After the mentioned stretches of secrecy, Kirilenko seems to be ready to more frequently share her life updates with fans and has now created a new Instagram profile, launching it with this lovely pregnancy photo. Kirilenko has shut down the old Instagram account, which was set to private, and at this new public one at this moment there are three updates. Follow Maria here.


  1. She looks beautiful! What a gorgeous photo! Thanks for sharing! I had no idea she was pregnant and apparently most of us didn’t!


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