No.1 WTA player website has always been Ana Ivanovic’s and now it’s revamped

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Ana Ivanovic website 2

It’s a fact that Ana Ivanovic has always had the best website of all the WTA players and she’s serious about keeping that flattering position. Now she’s embraced the trend of vertical scrolling designs and even though such layouts can sometimes look confusing, Ana’s team pulled off a sleek one, simple, informative, fast-loading and easy to use. Good job!

Ana Ivanovic website

Just as Ana’s old website, the categories include Ana’s bio, schedule, on-court and off-court news and photos, etc. I especially like the prominent Rolex clock, that shows Ana’s current time, compared to that of a reader, so that we can always calculate the difference in the timezone between Ana and us.

Naturally, feedback has been positive and Ana likes it as well:

What do you think about the new design?


  1. @claire It’s funny ‘cus it’s true 😀 ….anyway, she needs to sack Nigel Sears…. they tried it before and it was a disaster, just as it is now…

  2. I actually like the new website. It’s really simple yet so modern and glamorous. They included links to her social media channels just like what Maria Sharapova did to her website. But I must agree, Ana has the best website! Kudos to Gavin Versi, DH Management and her team. Keep it up!

  3. Sabey, I don’t know about the numbers, but in terms of functionality, richness of information and everything else regarding content.

  4. Love the new look and design of Ana’s website. Very well designed with a modern and fresh look. However it lacks the great content found in the previous site which provided a rich source of past interviews, “Ask Ana”, dairy entries from Ana herself, and a host of video clips among other Ana related stuff, plus a fan forum. Hope the designers can incorporate some of these back to the new site!


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