WTA players are safe now! Radek Stepanek retires from dating women’s tennis players


Radek Stepanek and his WTA ladies

Well this is a relief! 😀 In a recent interview for the Times of India, ATP pro Radek Stepanek iterated a sentance we thought we would never hear: “You can be sure that I am done dating tennis players.”

The biggest casanova in the WTA circles was first engaged to tennis legend Martina Hingis. Soon after their split in August 2007, Radek started dating hot rising star Nicole Vaidisova, who was then only 18 years old, and married her in 2010. Several years later, in 2013, practically just as we heard that Nicole and Radek were devorcing, photos of the charmer kissing another tennis champion, Petra Kvitova, surfaced. In April 2014 that relationship was also brought to a close and now the 36-year-old says that he’s keeping himself away from the tennis world when it comes to love.

Look what Radek said to the question: “You have been known to date a lot of tennis stars. How easy or difficult is it to date someone from the same sport?”

The easier thing is they understand what you are going through while practising, playing matches, winning or losing and travelling. The difficult part is since everyone is used to different things to calm down and relax. It’s two people living different lives together… You can be sure that I am done dating tennis players.

We’ll see how things will turn out. Maybe despite Radek’s efforts another Czech WTA player is his destiny! 😀

Radek Stepanek most wanted bachelor, funny picture

Whatever future may bring, I will always find this old image funny 😀


  1. Obviously not the looks, but one has to admit that the guy’s got to have something, with this history of dating all these most fascinating women… 🙂

  2. Thank god.. I don’t know how anyone this guy is charming or attractive . I still hold him responsible for ruining nicole’s career. Petra really dodged a bullet there didn’t she


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