Childhood photo of Timea Bacsinszky: The “Comeback Kid”


The tennis world has seen a lot from Timea Bacsinszky lately, and the Swiss player, who ranked in the top ten for the first time in her career this week, seems eager to share more of her life with fans. She created an Instagram recently and posted a cute childhood picture that fits in perfectly with our Little Tennis Stars series.

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In fact, Bacsinszky has been open this entire season about her past, speaking to the press about growing up with an oppressive tennis pro father and nearly dropping tennis altogether two years ago when she began an internship in the hotel business. Had she not received an automatic email from Roland Garros saying that she could still qualify, the Swiss may have left the game forever.

Timea Bacsinszky

This time, Bacsinszky claims she is playing tennis to satisfy her own competitive drive and dreams, not anyone else’s, and the strategy seems to be paying off. With a quarterfinal appearance at Wimbledon, a semifinal match at Roland Garros, two WTA titles in Mexico, and a near victory at the China Open last week, she has burst onto the scene in a massive way.

The Swiss has also revamped her social media game to become a refreshing and inspirational influence on followers. She seems intent on spreading positivity and expressing gratitude for her coaches, fans, and fellow players, often referring to herself as the “comeback kid.”

Bacsinszky’s rise is an exciting story in women’s tennis, and her humble charm makes her an appealing player to root for. The question is, how far will she climb?


  1. I believe Timea rediscovered her confidence and passion for tennis considering she was sidelined for a long time due to injuries. She is quite a character and I believe she can crack the Top 5 soon of she continues the consistently play well in the tour. It will be a big challenge for her next year considering the massive ranking points she gained this 2015.


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