Fashion overview: Maria Sharapova’s year 2015 with Nike


Maria Sharapova is the person whose stylish tennis dresses inspired me to start my signature Fashion Retrospections back in 2007 and now it’s my pleasure create a collage of all her 2015 Nike outfits. I can’t believe that this is my ninth annual fashion overview of Masha’s Nike clothes!

Maria Sharapova - Brisbane Tennis International 2015 -DSC_9627

The five-time Grand Slam champion started the season by winning the Brisbane International, wearing the silver Nike Winter Premier Maria Skirt, that features a contrast hyper punch waistband, and a simple white tank. Sharapova had ended the 2014 season in this look.

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Masha’s run to the Australian Open finals and Acapulco semis was made super stylish thanks to this red Nike Spring Maria OZ Premier Dress with cute back cutout and printed shorts.

maria sharapova indian wells 2015

A simple orange tank and neutral skirt were Maria’s pick for Indian Wells.

Sharapova Miami 2015

In Miami, separates were again Maria’s choice, this time in light blue and purple.


Maria Sharapova - Porsche Tennis Grand Prix -DSC_8484

In Stuttgart, Madrid and Rome, Sharapova paired this classic orange tank with a white skirt that includes a nice triangle print which was later also had incorporated in the Russian’s Wimbledon dress. As far as I know, this skirt and the Wimbledon dress have never been available at retail.

Maria Sharapova - Mutua Madrid Open 2015 -DSC_7252

During warm-ups, we also saw Sharapova in this matching long-sleeved shirt.

Sharapova's French Open 2015 kit

A lovely tunic with stripes inspired by French region Brittany and the Nike Court Zoom Vapor 9 Tour x Colette shoes were created for Sharapova’s Roland Garros title defence, but during all her matches Sharapova wore these long-sleeves over the cute Nike Summer Maria Paris Tunic, so aside from the promo pics, only the micro-pleated skirt got exposure.

Sharapova - Wimbledon 2015

The earlier-mentioned Wimbledon dress is one of my favorite designs of the season. When you look at it up close, you notice how wonderfully Nike incorporated the subtle print and how well it works with the classic shape of the item.

Maria Sharapova - Wuhan dress

I wrote so much about Sharapova’s black and white dress intended for the US Open. We never got to see it in New York, since Sharapova withdrew from the tournament, continuing her leg injury recovery that started after Wimbledon, but we did get to see it in action in Wuhan in late September, although just briefly, as the 28-year-old retired in the third set of her opener against Barbora Strycova. The black colorblocks not only look chic, they also house mesh fabric for added ventilation.

Maria Sharapova - 2015 WTA Finals -DSC_1266

Masha closed the WTA season in Singapore, wearing light blue separates consisting of the Nike Winter Premier Maria Tank with intricate white spaghetti strap design in the back and the stylish Nike Winter Premier Maria Skirt, characterized by lovely pleats which feature perforated Breathe material for extra lightweight feel.

What do you say about Sharapova’s year 2015 with Nike? It was hampered by Sharapova’s injuries, as she played just one match in almost four months from early July to late October. My favorite is the black and white US Open (Wuhan) dress, while my other favorites are all the other Grand Slam dresses and the light blue Singapore kit, especially the tank strap design.


(photos: Jimmie48, Getty Images/Anadolu Agency, ©Neal Trousdale, Moo’s Tennis Blog)


  1. This season was slightly more interesting than anything for a long time. All four slam dresses were exceptional. The French open dress was amazing such a pity she didn’t wear It though. The Australian was finally slightly refreshing. The Wimbledon dress was also elegant and stylish. The us open dress was amazing even though it was hardly exposed. This might be the turning point for sharapova to go back to her days of glorious dresses.

  2. Roberto, yes, Maria had a long period of dull designs. Last year only her US Open dresses were exceptional, IMO, while years ago everything she wore was glamorous. I also hope that this trend of more unique designs will continue in 2016. I love super glamorous Maria!

  3. Do you know when nike plans to release their australian open designs? I remember last year it was extremely late. Last year serena said she didnt want to retire because she had a “super cute design for the australian open” I wonder what this will be!

  4. Roberto, I saw some orange dress which will most probably be Maria’s dress for the AO and I will write about in the coming days, while for Serena and others I still don’t know.

  5. Ozzie, right, that’s Maria’s dress that I saw, but you see they’re also emphasizing that it is not confirmed yet.

  6. I like this year a lot better than the last, but I’m still wishing that Nike would mix it up a little more in terms of tank top silhouettes. That spaghetti one was overused by all the other Maria-Nike wearers (Keys, Tomljanovic, Bouchard, and Dodin), and the regular racerback was the same as a lot of the regular Nike. All the skirts and dress hems were pretty though!

    I like the rumored dress for 2016, finally a new silhouette for her!

  7. Ga, I’m with you regarding the new silhouette. Even though it’s quite simple, it will be a refreshment in Maria’s tennis wardrobe.

  8. I agree with what you have all been saying. I think the designs were a bit more basic this year. Then again, Maria is no longer the teenager who embraced more “girlie” designs. These dresses were definitely beautiful and athletic. I wish Nike would mix it up a bit more for Maria, though. 2015 seemed to be a repeat of same designs, just mixed up colors. With that said, Nike did produce some great color combinations. The Miami separates and stripes at the French open looked great on here. Here’s hoping for more excitement from Nike in 2016!!

  9. The 2006 US Open dress was fantastic. Such an epic moment in tennis. My all time favorite of Maria’s dresses was her 2007 Wimbledon “Swan-Lake inspired” dress. The movement, the lines, just everything about it was superb. Bring me back some of that to Maria’s clothing!!

  10. Brian, that one was superb as well. It always amazes me how outstanding designs we’ve had at Wimbledon, even though there are all those clothing restrictions.

    I hope Nike is reading our comments and that they will act on our suggestions to step it up for Maria when it comes to glamor. Actually, Maria is included in the design process, so she can step it up as well. Maybe she’s in a comfy phase.


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