All Venus Williams’ 2015 EleVen designs: Ola, Ndebele, Fleur De Monde and Kaleidoscope prints mark the season


Venus Williams and EleVen are famous for their prints and this year the patterns were named Ola, Ndebele, Fleur De Monde and Kaleidoscope. Let’s see the variety Venus brought to the table in 2015, as part of my annual Fashion Retrospections.

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Venus Williams’ first title of the season came at the very first tournament she played in 2015, the ASB Classic in Auckland, and while pretty much all tennis apparel companies wait for the Australian Open to launch new collections, leaving their representatives to resort to the previous season’s designs in the beginning of January, Venus started the year in fresh clothes from her Ola collectionVenus Williams - Dubai Duty Free Tennis Championships 2015 -DSC_5469

Moreover, players usually wear a single outfit throughout one tournament, but Venus likes to showcase several combinations during one event, so in the weeks leading up to the first Grand Slam of the season, she promoted several tanks and skirts, always pairing prints with solids. My favorite is the EleVen Ola Tie It Up Tank seen in the first picture.

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At the Australian Open, Venus launched the EleVen Ola Print Aussie Dress featuring V-neck imitation, figure-flattering trim at the waist and a decorative use of teal trim on V-shaped back.

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In Doha we also saw printed leggings from the collection, as well as the matching headband.


Venus Williams Miami 2015 3

My favorite print of the season, and probably beyond, is the Ndebele print which Venus introduced in Miami in March. Not only am I a huge fan of this colorful geometric pattern inspired by the culture of South African Ndebele tribe, but I also love how Venus made balance with strategically positioned black and white colorblocks, on top of the variety of designs available in the collection.

Venus Williams - Mutua Madrid Open 2015 -DSC_3799

After Ola’s abstracts and Ndebele’s zig-zags, in May Venus moved on to purple flowers of her Fleur De Monde collection. Above we can see Venus in Madrid, wearing the EleVen Fleur De Monde Love Tank featuring contrast trim on tank straps and the EleVen Fleur De Monde Print Flutter Skirt.

Venus-Williams-Roland- EleVen Garros-2015

At the French Open, Venus debuted her EleVen Fleur De Monde Print Dress, highlighted by these nice criss-cross straps placed inside the upper back square cutout. The Nike Zoom Vapor 9.5 Tour shoes completed Williams’ look.

Venus Williams - EleVen Wimbledon outfit

For Wimbledon, Williams had in store a white version of the Roland Garros dress, which allowed these stylish pleats of the skirt to stand out.

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Following the all-white Wimbledon, in Istanbul V returned to the Fleur De Monde clothes, wearing this trendy tank and cute headband with a classic skirt.

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As you can see, this Fleur De Monde collection includes designs similar to the Ola collection, like this EleVen Fleur Tie It Up Tank.

Venus Williams Cincinnati 2015

Kaleidoscope was Venus’ print of choice for the final stage of the season.

Venus Williams - US Open 2015

The 35-year-old’s US Open dress has V-neck and central white colorblock which are both supposed to represent the first letter of her name. In the back of this EleVen Kaleidoscope Dress, there’s this white “dripping” line, element we saw a lot of in Adidas’ Roland Garros clothes, like Caroline Wozniacki’s Adidas Summer Stella McCartney Barricade Dress.

Venus Williams - 2015 Prudential Hong Kong Tennis Open -DSC_0955

Kaleidoscope is my least favorite print this season, although it looks much better in separates than in the dress.

Venus Williams - 2015 Prudential Hong Kong Tennis Open -DSC_4612

During the Asian swing Venus played four tournaments, won two (Wuhan and Zhuhai), showcasing a number of tanks and skorts from the Kaleidoscope group: the Print Raceday TankTie It Up Tank, and more, combining them with the Flutter 12″ SkirtPrint Jamming 13″ Skirt, and others.

Venus Williams - 2015 Prudential Hong Kong Tennis Open -DSC_5578

What do you think about Venus’ EleVen designs in 2015? Is Ndebele also your favorite print? Tell me in the comments!


(photos: Getty Images, Jimmie48, ©Neal Trousdale, Moo’s Tennis Blog, EleVen)


  1. Nice job again V – fresh, fun & court appropriate! My fave is the Ndebele range too (the dress with the panels) sporty edge with a cultural history to it. My least fave is the Fleur de Monde print dress but, strangely enough I love the tank, classic white skirt & headband version worn in Istanbul. Her range for the Aussie Open (Ola) was perfect for the Summery blue courts & reminded me of the beach wear worn in Australia during the mid-late 80’s, had that coastal, reef retro feel to it. Special mention: US Open Kaleidoscope dress, beautiful fit & great for a day by the pool over the top of a matching bikini! (Lol). She’s definitely found her craft with pattern selection & design in the past few years & totally own’s the tour’s most unique brand.

  2. It is a shame that only Black women are shown in nation wide photos….. that shows crouches as a means of demeaning them as a person. So why in your fashion photos are there so many photos like that of Ms. Venus Williams? Fashion photos are mainly about the clothes not views of between their legs!!!!!! The edit-floor is were all these photos would have gone if she was Caucasian. You really need to try and let it go… “racism.” Best of luck to you Venus Williams your be cheering you on in 2016. “And KEEP THE LOVE ALIVE”

  3. PeteTweet, it’s probably because I like everything purple, but I like the Fleur de Monde print. Lovely description of the Ola print feel (“coastal, reef retro”)!

    Jan Hodge aka secondson2002, tennis fashion designers often make a statement with shorts showing underneath skirts, as you must have noticed if you follow tennis. Either they make solid dresses and then incorporate printed shorts, or vibrant-colored shorts as part of a more neutral dress. Your comment about racism is delusional.

    Emman Damian, Ndebele is without a doubt the best print of the season.

  4. I like the variety Eleven offers throughout the year. I do think the separates are a bit more pleasing, at least to my eye, simply because the dresses in full print seem a little busy. I think it’s great Eleven offers up such interesting prints year after year. Venus has certainly brought this brand a long way compared to the basic designs of 2007.

  5. Sabey, I also like her Wimbledon dress, although it didn’t beat her 2014 Wimbledon dress!

    Brian, yes, with some prints dresses can seem to busy, but the Ndebele one is not. The print is specifically nice and the colorblocks do an excellent job.

    Emman Damian, I’m sure Venus will continue with prints in 2016 and I don’t doubt that overall she’ll only improve.


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