Motorcycles, graffiti, music: Vika uses artistic video to express her non-tennis talents


Victoria Azarenka - 2016 Brisbane International -D3M_1484

You know that Victoria Azarenka is never far away from her earphones, but did you know that the two-time Australian Open champion claims that she hears music in a special way?

How important is creativity in Vika’s life? Actually, so important that one day she was running at home and a surge of inspiration for a movie struck her so much that, distracted, she ran through the red light and nearly got hit by a car. That video has now materialized, as Vika joined forces with her friends during the off-season in her hometown of Minsk to create this powerful and inspirational piece of work which includes their original music.

Here’s what Vika says about the video:

I wanted to show a different side of me that is not out there in the world. So I wanted to show my fans, the media, the people, who I am. I wanted it to show the behind the scenes of my preparation, and a little bit of my interests, as well. So there’s music, there’s art, and even motorcycles. It made my dream come true.

What do you think about Vika’s creative project? It looks very professional and I like the music!



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