Kerber jumps into the Yarra River to celebrate her Australian Open triumph

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As promised, Angelique Kerber took a dip in Melbourne’s famous Yarra River, to celebrate her astonishing victory over Serena Williams in the Australian Open final. Coach Torben Beltz accompanied the new Grand Slam champion and world No.2 WTA player.

The 28-year-old also dressed up, brought champagne and took her Daphne Akhurst Memorial Trophy to the Government House in Melbourne for the traditional Australian Open photoshoot.

Celebrate to your heart’s content, Angie! You deserve it!


  1. I noticed Angie was careful not to dip her head under water. I hear that Yarra River is nasty, so I hope she took a good shower afterwards!

  2. Jim, I suppose all rivers in big cities are nasty nowadays. Nevertheless, even if she dipped her head, she would’ve been fine I believe.

  3. It was a surprise win for Angelique, winning against Serena. Serena lost the first grand slam of the year. She is not in a good shape anymore. Hopefully she comes back strong for the next grand slam.

  4. BettingRunner, I concur. Serena can stand to lose some weight, obviously. She’s known for tracking down drop-shots, but didn’t do so well when Kerber delivered them during the final. She’s also known for winning 3-setters and finals. Thankfully, Serena still holds the number one ranking, but she’d better get it together and fast. Kerber is closing in on her and deserves any good that comes her way. I’ve never seen her so toned, fit and confident. I love how humble she is and pray she never changes as success comes her way. Serena just didn’t show any fight in this particular final. I never saw that confidence and fire that she’s known for. I’m also thinking she was injured by the time the final occurred. Nevertheless, I’m still rooting for her to continue her dominance.


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