Marko is the winner of our Prince tennis racquet giveaway!

Nike Melbourne 2023 collection

Prince racquet 9th birthday giveaway

On March 31st, I organized a Prince tennis racquet giveaway, as a way of celebrating the remarkable ninth birthday of Women’s Tennis Blog.

The contest closed yesterday and through website I picked one winner. Congratulations, Marko! You are now the lucky owner of the racquet! I hope it will serve you well in the coming spring and summer days. Marko was among the earliest entrants, being second to join the giveaway.

I would like to thank all of you who participated. I am immensely grateful to have so supportive readers who have been with me for the considerable part of my nine-year journey. I’m looking forward to completing a decade with you guys!





  1. Congratulations to Marijia on having such a wonderful blog! I honestly visit this page 5 times a week! Thanks for keeping us all informed on WTA tour! You’re doing amazing things for Womens Tennis! Can’t believe I’ve been visiting this blog for almost 7 years!!!


  2. Wow!!! I am amazed!!! Thank you Women’s Tennis Blog!!! I am very grateful on it!!! It’s just the right timing for me to jump in on the clay court season masters with new equipment! 🙂

  3. Jacob, yes, imagine, almost 7 years! Thank you for reading my blog for so long! You are one of my first readers that I befriended online.

    Marko, congrats once again! I am wishing you many fun tennis practices with your new racquet!


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