Flashback photos time: Happy birthday, Christina McHale!


Happy 24th birthday, Christina McHale! While the world No.56 WTA player is busy getting ready for her second-round match against Ana Ivanovic at the Internazionali BNL d’Italia, I’m here celebrating the American’s birthday with you by sharing a bunch of lovely throwback pics.

Christina McHale childhood birthday__1462918021_94.189.172.205
Childhood birthday celebration: Christina with older sister Lauren

Christina is the most prolific WTA player when it comes to posting childhood photos on Twitter and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed her posts, as all the photos are very different and each tells a super cute visual story.

Christina McHale and sister Lauren with tennis racquets at Christmas
Christmas & tennis

When I first featured Christina in my Little Tennis Stars series, I mainly focused on the variety of sports she engaged in as a kid — baseball, soccer, swimming, tennis — while now I’m expanding the collection, exposing more of the American’s early talents.

Christina McHale - forehand practice

OK, first I’ll share more Christina’s early tennis pics, like this forehand practice one, which was probably taken in Hong Kong, where the 2014 Acapulco runner-up lived from age three to age eight and where she started playing tennis.

Christina McHale tennis practice

Little Christina was no stranger to surfing either.

Surfing McHale

Hula dancing moves were also in Christina’s arsenal, as we can conclude from this pic from Hawaii.

Hawaii McHale_

Was Christina good at flamenco as well? I don’t know, but this is my favorite photo, even though McHale said that she had no idea why she and her sister were dressed in these costumes.

Christina McHale flamenco

Fashion experiments were an integral part of McHale’s childhood as well. As you know, years later pairing summer clothes and winter hats became fashionable.

Christina McHale baby fashion_
Fashion blogger?

While little Christina was always ready for sports activities, meeting Snow White for the first time was not a pleasant experience for some reason.

Cinderella McHale
Totally unimpressed by Snow White


Christina was a Rugrats fan, though.

Yes I loved the rugrats

And a random pic of a toothless Mets fan, just because it’s so cute!

Christina McHale without teeth

Christina is yet to crown her career with a WTA title, but time is on her side! Good luck in the future, Christina, and happy birthday once again!


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