Photos of Victoria Azarenka and her handsome boyfriend, baby daddy!


Victoria Azarenka and her boyfriend baby daddy

As you must have heard, Victoria Azarenka is pregnant! The tennis star announced it today in an elaborate statement, but what is strange is that she’s very reserved in talking about the baby father, Billy McKeague. However, there are some pics of her handsome boyfriend online and I’m excited to share them with you.

Azarenka and her handsome boyfriend

First, the main part of Vika’s announcement:

It’s been a few weeks since you last heard from me. While recovering from the knee injury that I sustained at Roland Garros, I received news from my doctor that my boyfriend and I are going to become parents at the end of this year. We couldn’t be happier and feel very blessed to begin this exciting journey of building a family together.

While I will miss competing in the sport that I love this season, I am excited for all that’s ahead. I will take the time to improve myself in ways I’ve never been able to do before. I have been truly inspired by so many strong female athletes who return to the very top of their sport after having children, and I plan to do exactly that. There is nothing more special than becoming a parent, and I’m blessed to have so many examples of women, in every walk of life, who have pursued careers they love while raising children.

Vika’s previous relationship, with Redfoo, was very public, but with her new boyfriend the Belarusian for some reason decided to keep her love life far from the media radar. What is strange is that Vika did post some photos with her American partner on Instagram, not officially announcing the relationship, but since photos were of her hugging with the guy, it was obvious that he was her love partner, however, she has deleted those photos!

Azarenka hugging with her boyfriend

Today, when the 26-year-old announced her pregnancy, everyone started googling “Who is Victoria Azarenka’s boyfriend”, but unless you dug really deep, you couldn’t find anything.

My reader Sru was especially successful and found this Vine clip of Vika’s boyfriend:

Azarenka is expected to give birth at the end of the year, as you’ve read in her statement, and she’s definitely planning to return to the sport, strong and fit, just like Kim Clijsters and Lindsay Davenport did back in the day.


  1. Whaaaattt!!?? No Way..Who’d a thunk it? :^) And here I thought she was going to be a competitive threat to Serena, especially after the way Vika played at Miami and Indian Wells. Well good luck to her in starting a family, and hopefully she will return ASAP to play some tennis again. What baby will come first, Vika’s first or Li Na’s second? BTW I hope Li has a boy this time!

  2. Hahaha OMG I didn’t expect the shout out . Thnx marija 😀 . There is no doubt their baby is going to be beautiful/Handsome
    In future if you need any exclusive info just let this detective know Marija I’ll do the digging lol 😉 😛

  3. Jim, probably Li’s baby will come first, as she announced her pregnancy earlier and has been pregnant longer, I think.

    Sru, haha you know what my blog is about, so whenever you come across something interesting, do share it with me. If I need some special digging, I’ll make sure to contact you first! 😀

  4. I am happy for Vika and wish her the best. She kept the wraps on her relationship quite well. Heis very handsome; I’m sure they will have a beautiful baby. As for Maria, she says she’s been taking Meldonium for ten (10) years. Does that mean that it influenced her game? I’m curious about that. As for Serena. I am overjoyed for her having reached number 22 and can’t wait for 23! Congratulations are in order for Venus too, for reaching the semi-final at Wimbledon!

  5. You know the year has been very interesting in Women’s Tennis: Maria getting the Meldonium ban; Angie and Garbi winning slam titles in AO and RG respectively; Domi and Ana getting married (“Wedding Slams” as some may call) and Serena writing more of her name in history by winning Wimbledon. Now, Vika announcing pregnancy. It was very sudden yet so interesting that she hid her relationship. I think she’s happier now that she has more private time for herself compared before. I’m so proud of her because she remained true to herself announcing to the world that she’ll have a baby instead of denying and hiding it. So what’s next for Women’s Tennis?

  6. Clearly her boyfriend is not into girls. He’s probably using her for her money. When he leaves her for a man he’ll get a lot of money for child support.

  7. Realistically it’s going to be difficult for her to comeback from this. It took her two years getting back up the rankings after the injury hiatus and she’s nearly 27 now already. Clijsters was 27 when she came back after giving birth and to be honest it’s unlikely we’ll ever see that kind of rebirth again! Davenport never really achieved much after she became a mother though.

  8. At first I thought it might be Sascha Bajin’s baby. Lol Good work on unearthing the real father. He looks like an actor type. What’s his profession? Hope he’s not looking to just live off of her.

  9. I am very happy for Vika and wish her well. But I am a liitle sad because I thought she would really give Serena trouble and would be among those contending for the NO.1 spot in the WTA… But now with this news i think her best years of Tennis are behind her… Love you Vika

  10. I am overjoyed for Vika, I didn’t see that coming! Didn’t know she had a boyfriend! Good luck to Vika!
    Serena is the greatest in women’s tennis. She’ll be #1 until she retires, as long as she is healthy! I am Serena and Venus #1 fan! Good luck to both!

  11. My best to you Vika on your pregnancy…. The tennis world will miss you,but i know you’ll be back as you have in the past. i was totally shock when i heard the news. yes you kept your new relationship on the down low since the break up with Gordy son. your new man is a looker quite HANDSOME i mite say…..i know Serena can’t wait for you to come back she loves a good challenge, i was so excited for her getting her #22!! and also Venus and little sis winning doubles… all the best to Vika, and your new indeavors….

  12. Good luck Vika! Pursue what you want with God-given vengeance! I am not your biggest fan but do appreciate the challenges you brought to my William sisters, and hope you will continue to do so. All the best to you and your family on the birth of Your baby…hoping you have a girl!?

  13. Congratulations Victoria!!! iI wish You total happiness !!! and we will miss You . Good luck to You , Vika !!!

  14. yayy vika,and to the peeses of shit babbling shit,hahahaha,yu fart when your on court anyways,–life is a series of moments that LAST FOREVER to each persons perception,WITH that-Have a gr8 time VIKA -your obviously Creating and living endearing moments..

  15. What??!! I can’t believe the last two inappropriate posts, Marija! Very uncalled for, to say the least, Jim & Lady****. On the subject of Vika’s pregnancy, I applaud her for keeping her baby. However, I realize it may be acceptable in society nowadays, but the fact that she and the guy still aren’t married doesn’t make the situation celebratory at all. Besides, the relationship was unheard of until the pregnancy announcement. I’m hoping this guy really loves her enough to not just sleep with her and impregnate her. I’m hoping and praying he’ll step it up and make things right by marrying Vika at some point and time. Despite my personal opinion, I sincerely wish the three of them well. “Go, Serena and Venus in Rio! Congrats on your recent Wimbledon wins in singles and doubles. You two are ageless living legends, and whatever the outcome in Rio, you’re simply the best! Stay healthy and fit, because the US Open is just around the corner.”

  16. I always love Vika I enjoyed her N Serena matches Good look n Motherhood ur b a great Mother /come back strong

  17. TheRealDeal
    It was clearly an occasional relationship -only sex. That’s why she didn’t present him to the world. Now she must decide if transform that relationship in a family or not. I have the impression you think HE was taking advantage of her. I think the contrary: she wanted some fun and he was there. She has more power, it’s her who decide.

  18. Uhhhhh, yeah….what about marriage? Why is everyone applauding something God says is wrong? Hmmmm. Just thinking, America…just thinking. Love the person …shed light on the sin…

  19. What bothers me, are these professional sports people like Michael Phelps, Vika, etc. that just go along
    setting a lesser example of being MARRIED before having a “baby”. It just reflect the moral decay of
    our culture, tv helps alot, the music…call me old fashion…but I just do not agree what seems to be
    “the new wave”.

  20. Victoria, although I’m a devoted fan of the Williams Sisters, I’ve always enjoyed watching you play and how unafraid you are to take it to Serena. Please Please Please don’t listen to all of the haters and judgement passers on this post or in life. You do you and we’ll see you next year. Peace!!!

  21. 26 years old, the world at her feet and she get’s pregnant. I would like to use a more charitable word, but what she did was stupid.

  22. Vika, I had no idea you were a slut (having children out of wedlock). Just think … if the father was redfool, you could’ve received welfare in America. 🙂

  23. I certainly hope and prey this is not a rebound pregnancy. Redfoo is heart broken and sad. Vika, he still loves you.

  24. Azarenka is a bad example to our young girls, being a highly ranked tennis player having a baby out of wedlock.

  25. Taryani, Ias, Shelly, and Shirley: You are very wise, not judgmental. Most often, truth hurts, but it has the power to set us free when embraced (John 8:32 & 36). America’s morals are on strong decline and have just about become non-existent, sadly.
    Chirs Fowler, Red Foo has never and will never be, nor the family he hails from, on welfare. You’re on the internet; take the time to do your research before making such ignorant, and obviously racist, remarks. Red Foo comes from a lineage of dignified, wealthy, highly intelligent, and classy Black people. And while you’re at it, please do your research on what race of people in America are mostly on welfare, ignoramus.

  26. For gods sake, move with the times people, it’s not 1950. I think it’s wonderful news for both of them, all the best xx.

  27. deluded wait till youre 33 plus to have have kids two thirds through you career is madness when you have a gift like now made it very hard to be num 1 again.where as it would have been easy to be one with serena pretty much out of the picture and nobody any good on the seen .going out red foo tells me you must be a player and there for the relationship would nt last with this next guy.which makes the whole thing more than crazy.i kinda hope im wrong on both counts.prove me wrong veka…

  28. Joe, yes, it’s really unfortunately. It’s hard to juggle motherhood and tennis career in all cases, but now that she also doesn’t have the baby’s father by her side, her struggles will be even greater.


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