Tennis fashion spotlight: Petra Kvitova’s 2016 with Nike


After showing you all Serena Williams’ Nike styles in 2016 as part of my annual Fashion Retrospections, let’s see other Nike designs that graced the WTA courts during the season on the example of world No.11 Petra Kvitova, while other prominent players that wore the same clothes were Madison Keys and Lucie Safarova.


The outfit that closed Kvitova’s 2015 season at the WTA Finals was the outfit that opened her 2016 in Shenzhen: the Nike Winter Slam Breathe Tank and the Nike Winter Victory Breathe Skirt.


Light crimson ombre stripes of the Nike Spring Premier Slam Tank marked Kvitova’s Australian Open fashion.


Kvitova’s Nike Spring Premier Victory Skirt was perfect for the scorching heat of Melbourne, thanks to its open hole mesh Breathe material and super lightweight all-around pleats.


In Indian Wells and Miami, Kvitova showcased the obsidian navy version of the Australian Open tank.


In Stuttgart, Kvitova debuted an all-purple look consisting of the Nike Summer Dry Slam Tank and the Nike Summer Victory Skirt.


The Nike Zoom Vapor 9.5 Tour shoes complemented the outfit.


At Roland Garros hyper cobalt was Kvitova’s color of choice in a unique style that included a sleeveless polo and pleated skirt.


Kvitova’s Wimbledon dress was the most controversial tennis clothing item of the season, as its baby doll silhouette that doesn’t follow the shape of the body is very atypical for sports apparel.


In Montreal and New Haven, Kvitova opted for another classic sporty combination, a white tank with side vents and a green pleated skirt.

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At the Rio Olympics, Kvitova was dressed in colors of the Czech Republic’s flag.


The US Open is a place for the boldest fashion and Petra used the opportunity to stand out with the volt Nike Fall Dry Premier Tank and the Nike Fall Flex Victory Premier Skirt, unique for its gradient coloring and knife pleats.


Nike Zoom Vapor 9.5 Tour footwear completed this eye-catching look.


Kvitova’s most successful part of the season was accompanied by the Nike Winter Dry Slam Tank and Nike Winter Victory Premier Skirt, as the Czech won the Wuhan and Zhuhai titles in it, her only two champion’s trophies in 2016.


The shoes that helped Kvitova achieve success during the Asian swing were these Nike Zoom Vapor 9.5 Tours.

What’s your favorite Kvitova’s look? My No.1 is the Australian Open gradient tank with the lightweight pleated skirt, while my No.2 is the wonderful polo look we got to see at the French Open.



  1. I don’t know if nike is in recession or something but petra was one of the only two grand slam champions contending for almost half of the seasons they had and her not getting her own custom outfits bothers me to a great extent. I’d like to think if it wasn’t for the unfortunate events that happened to her, she’d have gotten her own outfits for next years AUS open. Very very Basic outfits for TWO time wimbledon champion nothing special at all. In a way I find it very insulting. If I absolutely have to pick one, I’d choose her polo necked french open outfit. Seriously I hope Nike at least makes their athletes wear different colored version of same outfits next year Really hurting their reputation to see all of their representatives wear same outfit like a uniform. And GOD I HOPE THEY WON’T TRY TO REPEAT HER WIMBLEDON LOOK ON HER AGAIN!! That was awful

  2. I agree with you Sru, it is bizarre that Petra is not getting a custom outfit she deserves. I think Nike is more interested in Genie’s marketability than hers. Having said that, I hope she gets past what happened to her. She is a great Champion, a terrific athlete and so much respect given by other players shows she will be truly missed. I can’t wait for her return, hopefully she and her team don’t rush it.

    PS: Belated Happiest Christmas and a Prosperous New Year to Marija and her readers!!!! This blog ROCKS!!!!

  3. Agree, the Wimbledon baby doll outfit was completely horrible and an insult to a two-time champion! The rest, very basic outfits indeed.

  4. Sru, like Ozzie said, marketability plays a big role, not just outstanding results, and dedicated clothing is given only to players that have both those factors fulfilled at least at one point in their careers.

    Ozzie, thank you! 🙂 I’m flattered that you like my blog so much! 🙂 Happy holiday season to you too!

  5. I don’t really like any of the Nike outfits. The Australian Open and Roland Garros are the ones I dislike the least, but some of them are just ugly – Wimbledon, Wuhan, US Open. I think they should at least have some options like Adidas so all the Nike players don.t look exactly the same. And then Petra could have her own option like people said above.


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