The cutest of the cute: Ana Ivanovic’s baby pics + childhood tennis lessons


We all miss Ana Ivanovic, so I decided to use these few slow days of the WTA season to share will you the retired tennis star‘s adorable childhood photos. I downloaded these pics almost a decade ago from Ana’s official website, but as the page has been updated since, I can’t find the childhood gallery there anymore, so I’m sharing it here. A few of these pics you may have already seen in my Little Tennis Stars series.

How cute was chubby toddler Ana! 🙂

This portrait with vintage white collar is my favorite!

I love these old family photos in 90s fashion.

And this portrait was probably the first sign Ana would be a beautiful model.

The future French Open champion started collecting trophies from the early days.

Fun, play and good times came first!

Look how beautiful Ana was at her childhood birthday!

And here are some early tennis practice photos.

And some later ones…

If you haven’t seen Ana’s old Wilson commercial, you have to watch it now!

Also, have a look at one of Ana’s first photoshoots.


  1. You can really see that Ana had a very nice childhood despite the war in her country. She’s a very nice girl. I really like the birthday picture. She’s very beautiful. And also the one with racket as a kid with oversize clothes. She will always be remembered not only as a great champion in tennis but also one of the most followed and most sincere tennis players. I hope you can post more! I miss Ana a lot!

  2. Emman Damian, it’s just that my video editing software keeps on crashing for some reason!! I hope I’ll manage to finish my project. So frustrating.

  3. Gorgeous then, gorgeous still! I think babies are on her mind and on the way soon; sure they’ll be gorgeous too.


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