Sharapova talks to Vogue about Grigor Dimitrov and dating two guys at the same time + covers Vanity Fair


With Maria Sharapova‘s comeback just over a month away, the Russian is talked about more than ever and her two lengthy interviews are now a hot topic, the one for Vogue, which was published yesterday, and the one for April 2017 issue of Vanity Fair Spain, which features a lot of photos taken by Art Streiber.

Here are my three favorite quotes from the Vogue interview, which is illustrated by this ballerina shot taken by celebrated Annie Leibovitz.

The 29-year-old Sharapova commented on her well-known unfriendliness with players on Tour, which I have to say I respect, even though she’s criticized for it a lot.

I spend as little time in the locker room as I can get away with, because I’ve set up another life. I have family, I have friends. And the less time I spend there, the more energy I have for them. I’m respected for what I do on the court, and that’s much more meaningful to me than someone saying that I’m a nice girl in a locker room.

During the doping ban absence, Sharapova finally had enough time to explore destinations she had always wanted to visit, including London which she had practically never seen, despite having played Wimbledon so many times. But what stunned me in the interview is that she said she finally had a social life, which included drinking more alcohol than ever before and dating two guys at the same time! Here’s a quote from Vogue:

A serial monogamist, she also dated more than one guy at the same time. “I didn’t even know what the hell that was!” she says, laughing. “I was like, This is really new! And I kind of like it!”

The Russian opened up about her ex-boyfriend Grigor Dimitrov and said how they talked for hours at a NYC restaurant a couple of months ago. They hadn’t seen each other since their breakup in the summer of 2015, after which Sharapova hasn’t had any official relationships, although she has clearly been dating.

We closed down a restaurant after talking for five hours. He was such an important part of my life, and he’s a very delicate, complicated person. It was so nice to just be normal human beings.

All these quotes are from Vogue. Spanish-speaking readers are welcome to share their favorite Sharapova’s statements from Vanity Fair in the comments below.


  1. I really do feel that Maria loved Grigor the most. They could have lived a very special tennis power couple life. But both are doing well at the moment. Maria trying to find her old self and experiencing “new” things during her suspension.

  2. Bouchard ‘s behavior now makes more sense! She also dated Dimitrov and it didn’t last. Gregor and Maria were seen together again, touched off the green eyed monster in bouchard. Oh well! Sour grapes! Bouchard!


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