Serena Williams glorifies her pregnancy with Vanity Fair + talks how she met her fiancé


Serena Williams is in the final stage of her pregnancy and celebrated photographer Annie Leibovitz immortalized the tennis star’s blessed state with a series of spectacular photos for Vanity Fair.

Celebrating her pregnancy, during which she even won her 23rd Grand Slam title at the Australian Open, Serena posed almost naked and helped the famous photographer create a set of iconic photos. Moreover, for the first time we get to read in detail the story about how the love match between Serena and her future happened.

Just by chance, Serena Williams and Reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanian stayed in the Cavalieri hotel in Rome, Serena because she was playing the Internazionali BNL d’Italia and Alexis because he was speaking at a tech conference. Their encounter happened on 12th May 2015, the morning before Serena’s first match at the tournament.


As Serena was having breakfast with her team at the pool area, Alexis arrived and without thinking about it happened to sit at a table right next to them, even though all the other tables were available. Serena and her team tried to push him away to a more distant table, but the conversation developed in such a way that Alexis eventually set with them, at that moment vaguely recognizing that the person sitting with him is a celebrated tennis player.

Fast forward to December 2016, Alexis proposed to Serena at the same table where they first met. In January 2017 they found out about Serena’s pregnancy, while the marriage is planned for the fall, after the birth of their baby.

What’s also interesting is that Alexis had never been a tennis fan and had never even watched a tennis match before meeting Serena. Likewise, Serena had never before heard about Reddit.

I suggest you to read the full story at Vanity Fair, as there are more interesting details, including how surprised Serena was when she found out she was pregnant.


  1. I loved the VANITY FAIR article and I loved the pictures…Serena looks amazing!

    Thank you for telling us about this Marija…great job as always!

  2. I love the love story. I read the whole article. It was so good. And strolling for 6 hours in Paris for a date, that’s something! Love the photos too. Serena is glowing!

  3. Frank, thank you for your support 🙂

    Emman Damian, I’m glad we got to hear the entire story. It really is romantic!

    Sabey, I linked to the whole interview in the introduction.

  4. LegendNastase – that comment is disgusting. I suggest you educate yourself and be quite. If you have nothing nice to say, don’t say it. i cant believe racism exists in 2017. You’re a nasty person.

  5. I do believe that Serena may have this child on or around her very own birthday of September 26th. Marija, do we know the gender of the baby yet?

  6. “LegendNastase” that says enough for me lmao
    it astonishes me many people still put her down these days especially by being racist or sexist (I mean, McEnroe why???)

    The Vanity Fair article was a great read, and Serena looks amazing here.


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