Victoria Azarenka battles for custody of her son Leo


Two-time Grand Slam champion Victoria Azarenka, who gave birth to her first child in December 2016 and is now in the process of building her comeback to tennis, has apparently split with baby daddy Bill McKeague and is now in court procedures for child custody.

An Israeli article, which my dear reader Sru referred me to, states that Vika hired a local LA lawyer, as well as Israeli attorney Zeev Welner, to help her with marathon preparation for a Beverly Hills court, which was kept secret from the media. The article also states that if everything goes well, Vika will visit Israel as a thank-you to the lawyer. The next hearing is scheduled for September.

If you remember, Vika’s surprise pregnancy came as quite a shock to the tennis world, as her relationship with Billy hadn’t been revealed to the general public, rather, only after learning about the pregnancy did we find out something more about her handsome American boyfriend. As far as we know, marriage was not even a discussion topic.

The 28-year-old Belarusian is not playing this week’s Rogers Cup in Toronto, while she also missed last week’s Bank of the West Classic in Stanford citing a viral illness, but we can conclude that there is more to her withdrawals than health problems. Moreover, it’s likely that she’ll also skip the Western & Southern Open in Cincinnati and the US Open.


  1. She seems like a great mum, I hope the custody thing works out 🙁 idk anything about her boyfriend but I didn’t think they’d break up

    Was hoping to see her at the US Open, definitely sucks if she doesn’t end up playing.

  2. C, I’m extremely sad that this is happening to Vika, and even more so to her baby, but I can’t say I’m very surprised, because her relationship with that guy didn’t seem strong and pregnancy wasn’t planned.

  3. You’re right Marija, this is extremely sad news. I love all the pics Vika is posting in her social media accounts with Leo in every tournament she’s in. I hope she still gets the chance to play the US Open, but that very unlikely to happen. I hope for the best for everyone involved in this unfortunate event. All of us deserves to be happy. 🙂 🙂 🙂

  4. From Li Na’s book, My Life: “People say that there are two kinds of love. One-is passionate, the other lasting. I think this makes a lot of sense. Jiang Shan and I share the more lasting type of love. We’ve been together since we were teenagers and we’re practically an old married couple. If what we felt for each other were just passion, it would have burned itself out by now.” Too bad for Vika and probably also for Serena..methinks they did not find the soul mate as Li did. What a shame.

  5. Jim, sadly, I have to agree with you about Vika and Serena Williams. And Marija, you’re right on!


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