Elina Svitolina goes topless and pantyless for XXL magazine


World number six Elina Svitolina stripped off for Ukrainian issue of XXL magazine, surprising tennis fans with the level of sexiness she showed in the daring photoshoot.


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A month ago the WTA star shared a behind-the-scenes photo on Twitter, hinting that an erotic photo spread would soon hit the stands, but nobody expected the Ukrainian No.1 to get almost naked in so many photos.

There was no part of Svitolina’s body that didn’t get the spotlight. The poses and lack of clothes is not something we’re used to getting from the winner of nine WTA titles, but the blond 23-year-old does look totally comfortable in the role of a sexy model. Her boyfriend Gael Monfils is having a good life!

What do you say, how did Elina handle this hot modeling role?


  1. From what you’ve shown, I’ve seen more revealing from Caroline Wozniacki and others. A shame about the leg tattoo thing. Otherwise she is lovely.

  2. I expected something more classy from her but this is quite disappointing. And I have to agree with Dennis on the tattoo. I love tattoos but that’s kind of a bad decision.

  3. No doubt the guys will like it but I think it is very sad that a woman athlete feels that this is a good idea for her.

  4. And in fact these photos are much more sexualised than Caroline’s which were more just about displaying her athletic body.

  5. May I remind you Aga, Daniella, Domi, Vera, Serena and Caroline posed completely naked. Caroline also posed with just body paint. Ashley was in Playboy, Marta in Polish Playboy and Vesnina in Russian Magazine.

  6. I disagree with you Love Tennis, pretty sure nobody would say it’s a ‘shame they feel the need’ if it were a male player stripping off. Nadal has stripped off on more than one occasion. She shouldn’t be judged for celebrating her femininity and sexuality if that’s what she wants to do, personally I think good on her!

  7. i’m all in for body positive nude shoots but these pictures are not tasteful to me :/ they’re heavily photoshopped and kinda look cheap 🙁

  8. Besides the players named in my prior posts, Venus posed completely naked, both Maria’s and Tantiana were in SI and who will ever forget Anna Kournakova.
    I like Elina’s pics! ????

  9. Photos in public restrooms just look dirty. She is beautiful and what an awesome body. I say celebrate the beauty of the human body. You go girl.

  10. I’m sorry but the top and bottom have to come off and no fair covering the key bits with arms, hands, or contorted body. Most of these gals have little to show, that is, undersized boobs and ass.

  11. Indiana Jones or is it India Wells, CA? Whatever, you make a salient point…the WTA women are a combination of over-sized string beans or skin-and-bones but with a few exceptions. Feel so sorry for Sharapova….the girl is flat as a pancake, her blonde locks are turning dirty brown, and all she’s got left is that obnoxious scream as a signature tennis persona….an utterly repugnant lady. Svito has got some nice sized boobies and she doesn’t shy away from letting those nipples poke through the bottom of her sports bra on the court. Few of these ladies you really want to see naked….possible exceptions being Bouchard, Puig, Georges, and a few of the new Russian or Eastern European talent. I mean we have a lot of body ink, maybe other body mutilations, and some definite truck-driver and butch qualities in a few of these women.


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