Where is Jelena Jankovic? The tennis star and her sexy bikini body are “lost on an island”


Jelena Jankovic hasn’t played a tennis match in almost two years, since losing to Petra Kvitova in the first round of the 2017 US Open, and we don’t know what the former world No.1 is up to, but the still-not-officially-retired WTA star is keeping her body in shape and making sure it receives enough vitamin D by sunbathing in exotic locations.

Jelena Jankovic yacht

Four days ago, JJ shared the above photo on Instagram, “complaining” about her “hard life”. Yes, we know, yacht rides can be stressful! ­čÖé The Serb seems to be self-conscious about gaining some belly weight, as she used hashtag “please don’t mind my chubby belly”, but I’d say that she still has the best body of all top WTA players.

Jelena Jankovic sunbathing

Yesterday, Jankovic got “lost on an island”, as her Instagram caption reads, and decided to use her time to the fullest by sunbathing her toned legs on seaside rocks.

Jelena Jankovic Sunbathing photo

About a week ago, Jankovic posted a beach photo from Forte dei Marmi, Tuscany, Italy, so we can speculate that these photos were also taken in the Mediterranean.

Jelena Jankovic swimming

Travels, especially those in coastal regions, nurture our body and soul and it’s good to see Jankovic fulfilled and relaxed. She doesn’t seem to be missing the life on the WTA tour, so even though I’d love to see her on the tennis court at least a few more times, I guess she feels happier and healthier away from all the struggles of being a tennis pro. However, should she wish to come back, nothing is lost yet. The age of 34 is now a common sight on the WTA circuit. Not to mention that a lot of players reach their best results later in their careers, after the age of 30, although it would be unrealistic for Jankovic to be that case, as she’s already been at the very top.


  1. As a JJ fan I am happy she seems to be enjoying life. I would love to see her back on the tour, but if she wants to enjoy her “retired” life. Let her enjoy it. Must be nice to get lost on an island in Italy. The bikini bod is still great, ­čśŤ

  2. Made number one at a time when ÔÇťTruly GreatsÔÇŁ were sidelined with injuries, playing with injuries, or left the game all together. Same with her fellow countrywoman, who was somewhat better, and certainly far more attractive than this article described Jelena as being.


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