Women’s Tennis Blog wishes you a Happy New Year!

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Another year has gone by and my blog is entering its 13th year of existence. When I started blogging in March 2007, never in my wildest dreams did I think that in 2020 I would still be going strong. Actually, a fun fact is that for about ten years the blogging folder on my computer was called “Temp”, but that “temporary” is now at such a mature age that some already famous WTA players were toddlers when I started my online tennis work as a student.

The credit for Women’s Tennis Blog’s longevity goes to you, dear readers! Hence, I’d like to wish you a harmonious, prosperous and inspiring 2020, full of love and health. I hope you enjoyed my posts during 2019 and that you’ll continue to come back here in the new year. As you know, the WTA players are already packing their bags and the Australian tournaments are just about to get underway.

In the meantime, if you haven’t already, do enter my 2020 Top 10 year-end WTA ranking prediction contest. This is the last day for eligible entries and in twelve months’ time we’ll enjoy the fun of seeing who was the best predictor among you.

I’m looking forward to spending another tennis season with you guys!




  1. Hi Marija, one of the things I like about your blog is that your English and your punctuation are spot on, considering you are not a native English speaker. I read you are a translator so to have good English isn’t surprising, but yours is a lot better than many native speakers. Oh, and the content is interesting too! Cheers

  2. CLT, thank you for your supportive words. When I started blogging, I was not too confident in my English writing skills, but over time I became more confident and also improved my written expression. I’m glad you like my choice of topics. I hope that in 2020 I will find the time to publish more posts every day.


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