Game, set, match of love: Tennis star Olga Danilovic confirms romance with footballer Jan Oblak


Olga Danilovic, the top-ranked Serbian WTA player, has found her perfect match in Jan Oblak, the renowned Slovenian footballer who fearlessly defends the goal for La Liga giants Atletico Madrid. Not only does Oblak showcase his exceptional skills on the football field, but he also proudly leads the Slovenia national team as their esteemed captain. Together, they form an unstoppable power couple destined for sporting greatness!

Olga Danilovic Roland Garros 2023
Olga Danilovic at Roland Garros 2023, wearing the Nike Women’s Summer Slam Dress.

The rumors of their romance first surfaced when Jan Oblak was spotted cheering Olga Danilovic on as she defeated Kateryna Baindl in the first round of Roland Garros on Tuesday. Accompanied by fellow Atletico Madrid footballer Stefan Savic and his girlfriend, the 30-year-old Oblak couldn’t contain his joy when Danilovic secured victory. The heartfelt embrace that followed only fueled speculation about their blossoming relationship, leaving fans eagerly anticipating their next chapter.

The 22-year-old Danilovic has since confirmed the relationship with the famous goalkeeper to Serbian media. “He means a lot to me,” the WTA world No.105 said. “It is now clearer why I am based in Madrid.”

After a thrilling journey through three rounds of qualifying and an impressive victory in the first round, Danilovic is all set to take on Italy’s Jasmine Paolini in her fifth match at the 2023 French Open.

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