Ana Ivanovic’s 2009 Australian Open and French Open adidas dresses

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Ana IvanovicAna Ivanovic

Here is what Ana Ivanovic will probably wear at the first two Grand Slams of 2009 – Women’s adilibria Dresses from adidas.

The dresses have a drop waist and pleats on the shoulder and bottom of skirt for movement and ease of the garment in motion.

The violet one is for the 2009 Australian Open, while the cyan version is for the 2009 French Open.

What do you think of the dresses? I find them somewhat conservative, would like them to be more open. The colors are nice, though. However, at first glance I don’t see Ana in those dresses. But who knows, I might change my mind when I see them on her.

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  1. There’s no point of comparison between Ana Ivanovic’s outfit as compared to Maria Sharapova’s outfit.

    Adidas outfit are designed for competition and straight forward. They focus more on cutting edge technology.

    Nike meanwhile focuses more on style. Their outfits are not only wearable for competition but for everyday use as well.

    I observe that adidas players like Ivanovic go for a more conservative look as compared to Nike players. However,Nike’s style is so backward if you compared that to the designs of Adidas by Stella Mc Cartney. I wish Maria Kirilenko will improve her game in order for her to have more exposure on the dresses she’s wearing.

  2. People compare them because Ana and Maria are both top players and on a grand slam stage Maria always looks glamorous while Ana often looks too ordinary, wearing the outfits she wore before a grand slam event. People would like to see Ana in something special. And Maria is currently the leader, people are always excited about her outfits.

    I don’t think Nike is backward compared to Stella McCartney, but Stella is my personal favorite. I simply adore her designs, and I agree about Kirilenko. She wears them well, and it’s a pity she’s not more successful in tennis.

  3. i’m talking about fashion style in tennis.
    nike always colaborate with maria to design her outfit. that’s the point. i don’t care about their marketing.

    look when anna designed her outfit for us open 2008. that’s horrible style. this outfit style is cute but the color is OMG! that’s the color for old woman.

    i don’t care about maria kirilenko form in tennis, but in style, she’s the one who’s stella McCartney choose know what i mean.

    I’m not talking about their wta ranking. I’m talking about tennis fahion. even if I talk about their rangking, maria had 19 titles in wta tour including 3 slams.

    btw, never ever told aout makiri like that. whatever she’s addidas face for Stella McCartney’s. and why did stella choose her? that’s not because her form in tennis. but that’s because stella know that makiri could bring the style. and ana ivanovic, this far not good enough in tennis. only won 1 slam and her perform now is too..BAD

  4. What was wrong with white and dark clay? I didn’t perceive it as being for old people.

    As I said, Ana’s outfits are never as spectacular as Maria’s, but they are never ugly. Ana’s outfits are very pretty for everyday use, but people would like to see her in something special on big stage. That’s all.

    Yes, Kirilenko pulls off Stella’s designs fantastic, and it’s a pity we don’t see her often in the later stages of big tournaments.

  5. I wish stella mccartney would design for Ana. Maria Kililenko is good, but she needs to be a better player for Stella to become well known.

    Nike create the best styles.

  6. I saw the violet version of this dress on Anna during the Doha round robin, it’s much prettier on her than you might originally think, goes great with her dark hair, she’s not as fashion forward as Sharapova or Jankovic, but she’s so pretty that for me I don’t think it matters much

  7. The world knows that maria is better than ana at all, even in the dressing. Maria has style and hot body, but ana doesn’t attract with her curvy leds. The nike models are very beautiful designed(esspecially maria’s) and I don’t what is the aim, but I noticed that these adidas dresses and the blue one and the red one which ana wore on ozzy open and rolland garros this year are strangely cutted of in the ‘breasts’ area, as they liked to bulge her ‘boobs’.owever, awful adidas designs…:(

  8. Sharapova always wears something different for every tournament

    and every grand slam she is wearing some stunning clothes especially Wimbledon and Us Open.

    But Ana ivanovic wears the same old crap so sorry sharapova is ahead in both the outfits and sorry but sharapova is much better tennis player as well

  9. Sharapova definitely has the most glamorous designs, but doing these retrospections I have to say my appreciation of Ana’s outfits has grown. They look beautiful, yet they are simple.

  10. Don’t know if I already said this, but I also used to think that Maria’s dresses were more beautiful. Doing this retrospection, I realized that Ana’s dresses may be much simpler, but are also exceptionally beautiful. In my case, I appreciate them much more now, than at times Ana wore them.

  11. I totally love Ana Ivanovic, but (arrrgggh) that twisted, lop-sided top on her tennis dresses is driving me CRAZY. Maybe her intention is to drive her opponent crazy.

  12. Jane Kaley, haha I know for a fact that you’re not the only one, but personally, I don’t find it irritating.


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