Women’s Tennis Blog comments policy

The need to feature a comments policy on Women’s Tennis Blog has been growing so I will take a few minutes to acquaint you with some basic principles of commenting on this website.

Before proceeding I would like to mention that Women’s Tennis Blog has attracted mostly good commenters and that I am very satisfied with the crowd here. We have a wonderful community of readers who exchange and add up to each other’s opinions. Most commenters enrich our articles and make this blog more lively and engaging.

Now let’s move to a few guidelines that can help you define the direction of your comments.

Comments should be in the English language

I would like to point out that comments on Women’s Tennis Blog should be written in the English language, and there is a very simple reason for that. I know that some of you are not confident in your English, or would prefer writing in your native language, but because Women’s Tennis Blog is written in English, for the sake of the majority of the readers here, let’s stick to English in the comments as well.

Don’t spam

I haven’t had many problems with spam here, but of course, write comments that have more purpose than just promoting your website.

Don’t attack others

Women’s Tennis Blog’s comments section is not there for you to vent your frustrations while you are safely guarded by your invented nickname. Behave to other commenters as if you are talking to them in the street, as if we all know you in person. Give your best to present yourself as a polite, open-minded, and tolerant person that we all hope you are. Disagreements are allowed and discussions are more than welcome, but it is required to express your different opinion in a civilized manner.

Hoping this was helpful, I’m looking forward to interacting with you in Women’s Tennis Blog’s comments section.

All the best,