Chinese brand Li Ning Jelena Jankovic’s new clothing sponsor?

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Jelena Jankovic’s contract with Rebook has expired and there was no announcement on which brand would be her new sponsor. However, we have some hints!

Examining Jelena Jankovic’s new on-court fashion in today’s doubles match at the JB Group Classic in Hong Kong, we were perplexed because of not being able to determine which brand JJ was sporting. Thanks to the community over at Down the Line we have a resolution: the world No.1 was wearing a Chinese brand called Li Ning.

We’re still waiting for Jankovic herself to disclose whether Li Ning is really her new sponsor or she’s wearing the brand temporarily.


  1. I’m glad she’s not w/Rbk anymore. Just checked her website and the Reebok logo is not posted anymore.

    As far as Li Ning, idk yet. From the pics I saw, her outfit looked plain. It’s not bad or anything, just gotta get used to it. I’d say it’s decent on JJ.

    If she were to go w/Li Ning, it would definitely be different from all the adidas- and nike-sponsored players, so JJ would be unique, as always (:

  2. Yes, the outfit is totally plain, neither too good, not bad either.

    This new brand could definitely make JJ even more unique, plus, the fact that it’s from China matches with Jelena’s Asian-like face well. 😉

  3. It’s too bad the top woman on the tour can’t secure a sponsorship deal. Here’s a chance for Wilson to step to the plate, or even Under Armor who have mainly been focusing on Men- I would love to see JJ secure an awesome deal.

  4. We just know her contracts with Reebok and Prince have expired, nobody said she can’t secure a sponsorship deal. I’m sure she’ll end up with a good deal, or has already signed something, but we’re not informed yet. We’ll know everything soon.

  5. yes, i think this is a step forward for JJ. apart from the fact the rbk autfits were ugly (the only one i like was the yellow US open dress), she’ll be the only top player wearing this brand. so it’s going to be an excellent publicity for this chinese brand. and JJ can earn a good amount of money for that!! so good luck JJ!!!!

  6. I don’t think her Reebok outfits were that ugly, but I’m all for this fresh brand!

    BTW, Venus has just demolished JJ in Hong Kong.

  7. yes!!! i cant believe it!! i think she is exhausted!! OMG i dont know what to think!! JJ WHAT HAPPENED???

  8. i thought that it would be a close fight in the worst case scenario. can JJ be tired of the hard preparations? 😛 oh, venus was way better!

  9. wow! i wish nike would hook her up with some fantastic designs.
    if i were a female pro, i’d go for nike and prince, just like maria and marion.

  10. nike is proved to be great, but who knows, maybe some other brand can end up being just as good, plus, less common and therefore unique. oh, when will jelena tell us who her new sponsor is, it’s about time!

  11. I loved her reebok dresses, they were nice. As for Li Ning wear, the material isn’t so comfortable, I think. JJ has a stomache ache, and she isn’t playing well because of that.It would be nice if she would sign for nike or adidas. I like Djokovic, but it is a shame that he isn’t playing with wilson any more.

  12. JJ has flu, and I’m so sorry for that. I really hope she will be 100% at the AO, be her sponsor adidas, Li Ning, Reebok or Nike.

  13. It’s not difficult to guess why a CHINESE company chose Jankovic…They probably thought that she’s of their nationality, looking at her face

  14. I LOVE the dress she is wearing at Wimbledon! I want it and I can’t find it online. How do I shop at Li Ning?

  15. Shannon, this was just a speculation that Jankovic’s would be wearing Li Ning. It turned out she signed with ANTA. ANTA has an official website.

  16. I loved the green dress she wore at the family circle in Charleston SC. the cutest dress I have ever seen. I want to buy it. where can I find it?
    I have been trying to find it for 2 weeks.

  17. Teresa Perez, that is an ANTA dress. Do you have an ANTA store in your neighborhood? I’m not sure where to buy it online. ANTA has an official website but it’s mostly in Chinese


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