Video overview of WTA players’ Australian Open 2009 outfits

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Waiting for the fifth day of the 2009 Australian Open to start, I had some fun making a video which shows what kind of outfits women’s tennis players have been wearing this fortnight. To make the video more interesting, I added some comments to the slides.

My favorites: Well, it may be shocking, but I would go for Ana Ivanovic’s purple adidas dress. I absolutely love the color, and I think Ana looks beautiful in it. And even though Ana wore it last year too, I’m not even beginning to get bored with it, which is a great sign.

As you probably know, I’m a great fan of Stella McCartney’s outfits, and beautiful Maria Kirilenko wore a gorgeous one at the Australian Open, but how can I count her when she lost in the first round of singles already. We barely got the chance to see the dress.

Venus Williams sported refreshing colors, a bright yellow dress with pink shorts underneath. Great! However, I’m too tired of the design, I think you understand.


  1. I think Ana’s dress looked good on a mannequin, but doesn’t work when you’re hustling around on the court. “A” for effort?

  2. I think quite the opposite. In my opinion the dress looks great on Ana, and I got to love it when I saw it in action. I didn’t like it at first, from the preview photos.

  3. I think Dinara looks good in yellow…Venus as well. Quite tired to see Venus in the same dress tough. Not a lot of effort on the outfits for the first grand slam of the year by the players. I have to say tha I’m a little disappointed but there’s a lot more to come…

  4. Me too. I love the yellow on Dinara. Her outfit is nothing special, but it somehow looks powerful on her. Venus looks beautiful in yellow, I like that particular nuance, but as I said, she should’ve come up with some new dress style.

    Yeah, now that you’ve said it, not a lot of effort. Kirilenko’s dress is exceptionally beautiful, though. I’m so said we’re not seeing it any more.

  5. Nice vid. Lots of diverse, solid one-colored outfits makes for a vibrant spectacle of players to see.

    I’m not so into the pastels, so Chakvetadze’s dress was a ‘meh’ (-_-) moment for me.

    And JJ’s dress almost merits a ‘meh’, b/c while the color is ok (barely), the fit doesn’t compliment her well, and it looks cheap and plain. But I know JJ will work w/ANTA on improving tennis gear. I don’t even wanna start on her shoes…

  6. Thanks, Kristine. I absolutely agree with everything you said. Vibrant colors are dominating in Australia, and it’s great. Chaketadze’s outfit could be described as ‘meh’, just like her result at the tournament. And JJ, the outfit is like ok, but the shoes, they are not even fulfilling their primary function.

  7. my mum and i think caroline looks the best. the yellow and army green look fantastic on her, and together. dinara safina looks really good aswell!
    yes. i agree, venus williams, if she wants to get her clothing company to be well known and good business, she’ll need to change it up abit!

    jelena jankovic’s dress makes her look pregnant.
    serena williams dress is nice aswell, but i like her doubles one th most.

    great post marija! love this site!

  8. Jankovic : i like the color but as someone said, the fit doesnt compliment her well.. it remids me of a maternity dress.

    Venus : The color is refreshing but kinda getting tired of the same outit in different colors

    Serena : I like her outfits, Especially the one that’s simply blue and the one she wore in doubles… They look simple yet they look great on her and complimets her shape.

    Ivanovic : i like the color but hate the outfit, Adidas needs to do much better, i don’t like the part that gather at her breast.

    Kirilenko : She always loks nice, too bad she doesnt stick around to show it off that much.

    Safina ; i think the yellow looks greats on her

    Dementieva : Simple but nice, Kinda which she would have wore something different for the slam. she’s been wearing that outfit for the last 2 weeks) It compliments her shape though.

  9. I like JJ’s dress, and Ana’s too. Venus’s is just too yellow for me, and I think it doesn’t fit her well. I like the dress designed by Stella McCartney, but as for the player….. Elena Dementieva always wears the same dress. I’m kinda bored of it, and it’s too simple.

  10. The preview photo of Safina’s outfit wasn’t promising, but I have to say she’s shining at the AO. Yellow and black are just right for her.

    I agree, Jacob and Uno, Jankovic’s dress resembles those for pregnant women. Too bad. She has the best body on the Tour.

    As for Serena, I like all of her dresses. Ironically, the one with that not-so-good print I think suits her best. We’ll see what she’ll wear today.

    I haven’t commented on Dementieva’s dress yet. Well, it is pretty, but too boring and ordinary.


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