Кim Clijsters wins US Open and falls in the rankings, how come?

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Kim ClijstersVera Zvonareva

Many of you may have noticed that Kim Clijsters has fallen in the rankings, from No.3 to No.5, right after winning the US Open. On the other hand, the loser of the final Vera Zvonareva is now ranked higher, having risen from No.8 to No.4. Forty Deuce provided us with a wonderful insight into how this has happened and how it is actually perfectly fair and legitimate.

The rankings measure performance over the past 365 days, not just the current year and apparently not your whole career. Clijsters has had a better 2010 season than Zvonareva and it shows in the Race points, which sum up your points from the ongoing tennis season, that is from 2010 only. In the Race Clijsters is at No.3 ranked one spot higher than Zvonareva.

However, when we look at the last 365 days, Zvonareva has had better results. For example, Clijsters won the 2009 US Open and didn’t play for the rest of the season, while Zvonareva earned some points in that period. (photos: © Neal Trousdale)


  1. I am also wondering about how this can happen?
    I do understand how the ranking system works but the Sony Ericsson WTA website published the ranking based on ranking point and before the US Open, Kim was no. 3 and Vera was no. 8, no doubt about that. When you win the Grand Slam single title, you get 2,000 points. the runner up gets 1,400 so there is no way if you win the Grand Slam single title and you end up dropping down in ranking. So Neal’s explanation is not quite acceptable. Some one at Song Ericsson had screw up the data. Unfortunately, I did remember what ranking points Kim was on before the US Open, but I think she should be either no. 2 or staying at no. 3 right now instead of dropping below Vera who earns 600 points less than Kim by coming second. Someone from the WTA shoudl sort out this mess.

  2. Paul Yau, understand that Kim was defending her title. So if you reached the semifinals last year and this year finals, you will earn points, but if you reach semifinals again, you will simply not lose points, you will just defend your points. That’s what happened to Kim at this year’s US Open.


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