Sharapova’s and Williams’ quotes from RG

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Certain things Maria and Serena said during the French Open were chosen by BBC as quotes of the day. I find them interesting, so I’ll share them with you.

Maria wasn’t competing for quite some time because of hamstring and shoulder injuries, so she had a chance to discover the joys of ordinary life. Here’s what Maria has learnt during her spare time: “I got to go to the grocery store and I had to cook my own breakfast and my lunch. The first time I went to the store, I was absolutely lost. Now I’ve got it under control. I know where the vegetables are, where my favorite cheese is, I’ve got it all going.” What an experience she had!

And here’s how the world number 2 and second seed at Roland Garros commented her clay-court form: “I feel terrible. I feel like a cow on ice.” Hahaha, illustrative comparison!

As for Serena, she was happy to hear that she was an idol to her next opponent Michaella Krajicek, and said: “That’s awesome. That’s so sweet. I know the feeling because I loved Monica Seles, so whenever I got a chance to play her, I was just still really excited. It’s just kind of strange to be in the opposite position.”

After being told the Australian Open plans to put new surface Serena commented: “To be honest with you, I grew up in the hood, and any court is a good court to me.” Cool statement.

Serena also explained how she picks her hitting partners: “If you can beat me, you can hit with me.” It makes sense, but for sure eliminates a lot of players.


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