Martina Hingis doesn’t expect title at Wimbledon


After edging past a British wildcard Naomi Cavaday in the first round, Martina Hingis ruled herself out as a serious contender for the ladies’ singles crown this year.

The 1997 champion had to save two match points and play three sets to defeat the teenager ranked 232 in the world.

“After this match I don’t see myself as a contender for the title,” Hingis said. (More about Hingis vs. Cavaday match here)

Martina still isn’t sure if she made the right decision, which is to compete in Wimbledon despite a left hip injury which has bothered her for two months.

“Last Tuesday my doctor said the injury was about 60% or 70% healed,”

“But I didn’t want to miss Wimbledon, no matter what.

“Maybe it wasn’t the smartest decision. The doctor said I can’t make the injury worse or reinjure it, and that it was up to me. I only just started hitting again last Friday.

“Obviously that wasn’t the ideal preparation coming into Wimbledon, and I felt a little tender at the start of this match. Now I’m just glad I don’t have to play again for a couple of days.”

Hingis was so close to a knock out in the opening round, but after the tough match she said:

“I was determined a first round defeat would not happen to me again at Wimbledon.”

“I know this match was at the Graveyard of Champions but I’ve never lost there and I didn’t want it to happen to me. I played really well on the two match points and after that it was a pretty smooth ride. I never felt she was on top of me. It was never on my mind that I’m going to lose.” (source: Wimbledon)


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