Henin fears she might miss the Olympics because of air pollution


Top-ranked women’s tennis player Justine Henin is concerned about pollution levels in Beijing, the host city of the 2008 Olympic Games. The Belgian has breathing problems and she fears that high pollution in the Chinese capital might prevent her from taking part in the Olympics.

Because of her asthma, Henin has already withdrawn from one tournament organized in Beijing.

The level of air pollution in Beijing and its possible effects on athletes’ health has been one of the biggest issues facing organizers of next year’s Olympics. They, however, claim that everything will be fine by the time of the Games.

Henin said that she was hopeful the conditions would improve enough to allow her to take part in the Olympics to defend the gold medal she won in 2004 in Athens.

“It’s true that Beijing is going to be tough at the Olympic Games with the problem I have but now it seems that everything is under control which is important because the Olympic Games are a very important goal for me in 2008,” she said. (source: Reuters)



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