Jelena Dokic determined to return to tennis despite injury


Jelena Dokic had planned to return to tennis through the Australian Open, but she injured her thigh during the wildcard play-off. However, Dokic said the injury is not serious, and we will see her on the tennis court in January.

The injury struck after her first match at the play-offs, but Dokic didn’t want to leave the competition.

“It was something that happened straight after the first match, but I went through every match waiting to see how it would be,” said the 24-year-old.

“Every match it was gradually getting worse, but I could play with it.

“Now it’s better than it was since my last match, but it’s something that will take a couple of days.

“It just needs some time, but is nothing major.”

The Australian Open is not Dokic’s main concern at the moment, as she would rather concentrate on returning to the court as soon as possible.

She still hasn’t decided which tournament to start with in January, but believes that the Mondial Australian Women’s Hardcourts on the Gold Coast might be too soon. Therefore, the Moorilla Hobart International in Hobart is a much more probable choice.

“I think Gold Coast will be a little bit soon. I’m still deciding on that, so I think Hobart will be probably a little bit more suitable for me,” said Dokic. (source: Australian Open)


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