Australian Open women’s tennis trophy ceremony

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Impressive Maria Sharapova defeated Ana Ivanovic in the final of the 2008 Australian Open, or as some people called it a “glam slam” decider, referring to the glamor and beauty of the two young tennis stars. The trophy ceremony was very emotional for both Maria and Ana, and I’m sure for many fans all around the world.

Ana Ivanovic couldn’t hold her emotions for long and shed a few tears in the middle of her speech. This loss is evidently bitter for Ivanovic, but I’m sure she’ll learn from the experience, and become an even better player. After all, a Grand Slam final is a great achievement too.

Maria Sharapova dedicated her victory to the late mother of her coach Michael Joyce, saying she thinks of Jane Joyce each time she begins a match.

Both Maria and Ana are two great young women, and all the tennis fans should be grateful to have them. When I watched the trophy ceremony, there were both so cute, and I was really happy for their success. Definitely, this is just the beginning of their rivalry, and we will watch them in many more important finals.



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