Ana Ivanovic speaks about her ankle injury, Dubai appearance still under question


Ana Ivanovic injured her ankle last week in Doha, in her second round match with Olga Govortsova, while only two points away from advancing to the third round. In the latest diary entry on her official website, Ivanovic gave us an update on the injury, while also telling us her feelings and her perspective on it.

The 20-year-old said that injuring her ankle was the most painful thing that happened to her on the tennis court, but it made her a more experienced player and also lifted her confidence as she’s now proud of herself for finishing and winning the match despite the pain.

Sustaining an injury at that point was very frustrating, as Ivanovic felt exceptionally physically prepared for the tournament. However, she’s also happy as it could have been a lot worse, and she is aware of the fact it’s a normal part of being a professional athlete.

Even though her ankle is much better now, Ivanovic is yet to determine whether she’ll play on Wednesday in Dubai, where she’s seeded third.


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