Monica Seles on Dancing with the Stars, Lindsay Davenport her eager fan


Sixth season of the popular TV show called Dancing with the Stars airs on ABC in just 28 hours and tennis fans are excited that former world No.1 and holder of nine Grand Slam singles titles Monica Seles is taking part in the program.

Monica Seles’ colleagues are excited just as her fans. If Lindsay Davenport has her way, she won’t be playing Monday night at the Pacific Life Open. That’s because Davenport wants to be home watching her friend Monica dance on ABC.

“I heard she’s just doing so well, so I wish her all the luck,” Davenport said.

“When people see her I think they’ll be reminded of why they love her so much,” Davenport added. “We’ll be voting for her.”

If you’re Seles’ fan, you don’t want to miss the show. I will unfortunately have to, since I don’t have ABC. I suppose I’ll find it later on the internet.


  1. Hi Mat, you’re absolutely right, thanks for pointing that out. It is like that at the moment. I try to have balance between gossip and tennis results (I like to have both on my blog), but sometimes I go too far one way or the other. Be sure I’ll change the trend from now on.


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