Luxury loving Jelena Jankovic builds a dream house in San Diego


World No.3 Jelena Jankovic owns a house in Miami, but is now in the process of building another one, this time in an upscale neighborhood north of San Diego.

On several occasions Jankovic mentioned how she likes to spend money. She loves expensive clothes, fast cars, as well as her 24-carat Sony Ericsson mobile phone, but now she’s investing in something more valuable.

“I think it’s worth it to buy, for example, houses or some type of properties where you’re always going to have that money. When you buy shoes or bags, who you going to sell that to?” said the 23-year-old Serb.

Even though JJ, who has earned about four million dollars in career prize money, still hasn’t seen the property, she saw the architect’s plan, and is excited to build a house from her dreams.

“It’s beautiful. It’s on a hill and just amazing,” said the tennis star. “It will take maybe a year and a half or two years to build a whole house because it will be big.”

“I haven’t even seen the lot, but I hear all these stories,” she said. “It’s amazing. It’s all this, and it’s like a fairytale to me to listen to it. So when I have time I will go and check it out.”

Some of the amenities Jankovic is planning for her palace in a gated community: huge swimming pool, tennis court, sauna, cinema.

Well, why would JJ lag behind Maria Sharapova who has recently bought a luxurious penthouse in Israel.

BTW: Here’s how Jankovic illustratively explains her shopping addition: “I’m a big spender. I like to swipe my card. I just like doing it, you know, that motion.” Hahaha. I can picture her. (sources: The Star, The Earth Times)


  1. Hi Marija!

    Great spot, I’m going to add it to my favs right now.

    Jelena does like the stylish end of things doesn’t she.

    I’ve taken a vacation over the last week. After coming here I’m encouraged to get back on the grind! 😀

  2. This girl spends more than she earns. One day she will be bankrupt and be forced to move back into Belgrade.


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