More than just friends: Maria Sharapova and Novak Djokovic soccer buddies

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Everybody knows Maria Sharapova and Novak Djokovic are good friends, but during the last week’s Pacific Life Open we learned they are soccer bodies too.

Djokovic and Sharapova met on the tennis complex, as their matches were scheduled one after the other, and they took a few minutes to play footsies. Fun!

Sharapova was one of Djokovic’s greatest supporters at the 2007 US Open final, after which they were seen singing together in a club, they shared the court at the recent Desert Smash Charity Celebrity Tennis event, and were both spotted at the LA Lakers game this past Sunday.

All these things have lead to speculations that they are in love, but I believe Djokovic’s claims they are just good friends. Not that they wouldn’t make a great couple, though.


  1. Well, they are both Slavs & they are the speakers of the “Slavic language family”, so I can only guess that so called “serbo-russian ethno tribe” got something to do with it!!! :). They are great persons…The “Djoker” brought something new in tennis, he’s funny, one of a kind and obviosly Maria likes him because of his oddity…Go Novak & Maria!!!

  2. Good choice Maria!!! Novak the “Djoker” obviosly makes u feel great!!! I can only say: Keep him close!!!

  3. You Made My Dream Come True: Maria & Novak will make beautiful children…(i’m crossing my fingers for that…i’m crossing my fingers…i’m crossing my fingers…) 🙂

  4. A dream come true: NOVAK & MARIA will make a beautiful children!!! I’m crossing my fingers for that!!! They are great together!!! Novak is not “the Joker” for nothing…Does Novak have an ace up his sleeve? HE sure does!!! Good luck Novak & Maria!!!

  5. “Sharapova was one of Djokovic’s greatest supporters at the 2007 US Open final…”
    What did u do to her Novak???
    And “the Djoker” says: “It’s a kind of magic…”
    Novak, continue the good work! Buddies or not, u look great together!!!

  6. I like them very much but also know that novak has a girlfriend(so sad for me…)and she must be shocked even if they’re not together…poor girl…

  7. yeaaaaah!!its that true??i have a couple of pics abt this 2 in the pacific life open practice and shared the court at the recent Desert Smash Charity Celebrity Tennis event!!and they looks soo cute together!!and wht happn with Novak’s gf btw..??thats a really mystery..i dont know if i believe in the facts or in Novak!hah..

  8. Djokovic is still with his girlfriend Jelena, he and Sharapova are just having a good time as friends. This latest pic, however, shows that Djokovic is no stranger to flirting (this time with the Apprentice’s Katrina Campin). So, everything is possible… The truth reaches the surface sooner or later, and if something is going on, it won’t be hidden for long.

  9. Shes wat to goodlooking and he lacks inner strength good player but not a star she needs away taller better looking guy perhaps Mario Ancic

  10. @viktor, what r u talking about, are u some sort of croat?

    i mean what kind of a remark is that, he is not good enough for her, i gues u are?

  11. what the is wrong with u? get a life! WHO CARES R THEY TOGETHER OR NOT, or r u drunk,maybe ??????
    hehe i think you should all get drunk and start to think about you’re own lifes …..I don’t even know who this people are and I don’t care heheeeeee this is the first time and the last time l’ll write a comm. i have better thinks to do hehehehehehehe yyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa


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