Jelena Jankovic wants more than tennis, took an acting class

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Jelena Jankovic is a very successful tennis player, but she has often mentioned that tennis is not her only interest. Besides other things, she loves acting and Hollywood, and has even taken part in a Rebook Entertainment-produced TV show. She was also promised a role in one movie. We now know that Jelena took an acting class, and I suppose it’s not her last one.

Here’s what Jelena said on her blog:

Monday was so busy for me. Apart from practicing and All-Access Hour which is always scheduled at the beginning of the week, I had an acting class that I took part in. It was so much fun. It is always a good time when you do something to forget a bit about tennis, and relax your mind. It was only an hour long, but I was given several themes and at the beginning they gave me a task to be in certain situations and I really had to use my imagination. After that, I did variety of exercises in order to test me and see my acting potential.

I have no worries about Jelena Jankovic. I would like her to become even more successful in tennis, because she certainly hasn’t reached her top, but even if it doesn’t work out, she could make a living on various other things, and be happy. I see her as the type of person open to every new experience.

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