Ana Ivanovic’s adidas dress for Wimbledon 2008


Ana Ivanovic’s adidas dress for Wimbledon 2008

Many people were disappointed by adidas for not changing the look of Ana Ivanovic for the French Open. The soon-to-be world No.1 has been wearing the exact same outfit, the Neo Red Edge Dress, since the Barclays Dubai Tennis Championships which took place in late February. However, for Wimbledon 2008 adidas has prepared something new for the tennis star — a scoop-neck tank dress with a knit fabrication on top and woven pleats.

The dress costs $65 and is available in white/mauve tint.

BTW: I’m also all for fresh looks, but Sharapova had such a cool new dress for the French Open, and she was dumped out early. Better old dress, than bad results. Ivanovic is starting her second successive French Open final in just a few minutes.



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